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  • To show my gratitude to all those who have signed up for Draftstreet, i will be giving away a free $100 to my 1000th recruit! Currently at 900.
    All you have to do is sign up on draftstreet and participate in one of our 100% totally free contests, no credit cards required!
    Again thank you to all those who have signed up and keep up the winning! Read the following for links.

    Hey guys,

    They'll be doing these for MLB all season long, one day fantasy MLB
    contests at DraftStreet that are free to enter and have cash prizes.

    No scam/tricks - DraftStreet has Matthew Berry from ESPN, and many
    others host these contest to help gain exposure to their rapidly growing

    Here's the contest link (shortened with bitly for your convenience) http://bit.ly/HsnSRp

    The rules are simple:

    $250 prize pool Free to enter - One day competition (Friday night only)

    Each participant will have $100,000 in salary cap and must fill all of
    the following roster requirements without going over budget: C, 1B, 2B,
    3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Utility, Utility, SP, SP, RP, P

    The person with the highest team fantasy score (scoring can be found on
    the site) at the end of the night wins (each of the top 6 finishers will
    take home a piece of the $250 prize pool).

    Payouts will go directly into your DraftStreet account shortly after the
    conclusion of the last game of the night. You can then cash out via
    paypal, request a check, or use your winnings to enter other DraftStreet
    contests and win even more money!

    You can edit your lineups right up until first pitch of the first game of the night, so get in early and set a

    lineup to make sure you don't miss out.

    Here’s the link once more: http://bit.ly/HsnSRp

    As a reminder, if you decide to deposit and play for cash you will
    receive a %30 bonus on your first deposit. Deposit is NOT required to
    play in this, or any other free game, also is not required to cash out.
    This contest is completely free, no strings attached, so give it a shot.


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