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  • PD PD Nov 17, 2011 3:21 PM Flag

    Zetter or Desharnais

    I know this almost seems crazy to ask, but:

    Zetterberg or Desharnais tonight?

    Desharnais is on a bit of a tear and from what I understand Zetter may be battling a minor injury.

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    • Come on people. This is probably one of the most interesting "who to starts" out there. Give me some feedback

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      • If it was up to me, I'd go with Desharnais because in the last 2 weeks he's out performed Zetterburg in assists, faceoffs, shooting percentage, hits and blocks as well as tying him with goals.

        You're definitely taking a risk though because Zetterburg has great nights and bad nights. If you think he's worth the gamble, go for it, but if you just need to put points on the board go with Desharnais.

        Overall, I say your best bet is with Desharnais, he'll add to your points and keep you on top where as I see Zetterburg as a hail mary if you're behind (hoping he has a great night on the ice).

    • If Zetter is in the lineup go with him, I know the early season struggles must be excruciatingly painful but just stick with him, he's will most likely pick it up, give him atleast 20 GP before you decide to bench him for a guy like Desharnais.

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      • It's a tough decision but at this point Desharnais is more dependable.

        Its diffucult because Zetter could break out with a 4 pt night at any point.

        I also have Bobby Ryan and Getzlaf. I had to make some tough decisions on benching them before too.

        That being said my league is very deep and despite those players struggles and my having them I am still in first.


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