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  • Mike Mike Nov 10, 2011 2:49 PM Flag

    Lupul or Havlat tonight?

    Thanks Aron. I'm leaning towards Havlat too, but it's hard to bench Lupul when he's playing on a line with the leading scorer in the league lol.

    Any other thoughts?

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    • Yeah I know what you mean. Honestly I could be completely wrong and Lupul could get another hatty. At this point it basically comes down to your gut feeling. And havlat isnt playing with bad linemates either, hes got marleau centering and clowe on the other wing, obviously they havent put up numbesr like kessel has so far (well no one has) or even numbers like lupul. But the Leafs are notoriously streaky, last year they started 4-0. Obviously this is a bigger sample of games but it would still fit the status quo for the leafs to start shitting the bed. Kessel himself is a streaky player, last year he had a pretty long goalless drought (cant remember how many games) but yeah you get my point. I would predict the leafs going downhill from here, at least for sometime but can possibly pick it up again. For now I'd start Havlat.

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      • I totally agree with you. There's no doubt Kessel is a streaky player and Toronto is playing better than they really are. History shows though that these two teams usually have a fair amount of goals exchanged between each other. Toronto will most likely lose, but will it be a 5-2 kinda game where Lupul gets 2 points? Who knows...

        The problem with my gut is... it's usually wrong haha.