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  • Bulldozier1963 Bulldozier1963 Nov 5, 2011 12:02 PM Flag

    Three Quick Q's for Saturday

    Will JVR play tonight, as he is DTD?
    Is it time to drop Reimer? Can't trade him.
    Miller, Hiller, Broduer, Smith or Pavelec - which 3 to play tonight.

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    • What's your alternative to JVR? If you don't have one, does it matter? Put him in the line-up. If you do have an alternative, does JVR's stats help you in the categories you need help? If not, does the Alternative help out in those categories more?

      Do not drop Riemer! Can't you put him on IR? Any why do you need to drop him? You have 6 goalies... it must be a very small pool! The moment you drop him, your opponents will pick him up!

      Play Miller - Ottawa played last night.
      Play Hiller - something is really wrong with Detroit at the moment.
      Play Brodeur - Winnipeg on the road? They might score two goals!

    • My crystal balls in the shop so can't answer the JVR question.

      With the goalie crop you already have why are you worrying about Riemer? Anyways be patient with him, in a couple of weeks things will look rosier and then you can trade him.

      Well seeing how Smith is on a roll - definitely him. The Sabres have got to get better and Miller should bounce back soon, perhaps tonight might be the one.

      As much as it pains me to say this, keep Broduer on the bench. Then I would toss the dice on the remaining two - favoring who ever is playing the crappier team.

    • Even if JVR plays he has been demoted to the third line and was a healthy scratch for the last game. I have him as well and personally I am sitting him. His ice time has gone way down in the past week. As for the goalies i would recommend Miller and Smith. Miller should have a bounce back game and smith has been playing great as of late. Beware however that the coyotes are playing the red hot Oilers.


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