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  • sean t sean t Aug 27, 2011 12:46 AM Flag

    inherited keeper team

    just joined a new league H2H 10 teams we get 6 keepers all together 5 skaters 1 goalie... here's my team

    G A P +/- PPP GWG= Stats

    Eric Staal
    Patrick Kane
    Danny Briere
    Sidney Crosby
    Milan Lucic
    Ilya Kovalchuk
    Patrice Bergeron
    Jason Spezza
    James Wisniewski
    Kris Letang
    Ryan Smyth
    Michael Cammalleri
    Ryan Suter
    Bryan McCabe
    Jay Bouwmeester
    Kevin Bieksa
    Nikolay Zherdev

    Brent Johnson 13 5 2.17 557 604 .922 1
    Craig Anderson 24 20 2.83 1411 1546 .913 2
    Corey Crawford 33 18 2.30 1417 1545 .917 4
    Cam Ward 37 26 2.56 2191 2375 .923 4

    i know i'm going to keep stall and ward... james wisniewski will be my d keeper. my big question is crosby. he's the biggest question mark by far, is he worth a keeper pick even though he may not play much, if at all?

    also who would be good options as my last 3 keepers


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    • I'd keep Crosby, Kane and Letang. I wouldn't drop Crosby. I think that the risk for you is too high if he fully recovers. Don't you have IR spots?

      Or actually, that's what I'd do: Keep Staal and Ward, that's ok. Do also keep Crosby and Kane. But then, my D keeper would be Letang, and certainly not Wisniewski! Letang is 3 years younger, had only 1 point less (50 - 51), had a far better +/- (+15 compared to -14, and it will stay this way because PIT is much better than CLB), has more talent around him (---> PP Points!), shoots more (236 - 158), has more PIM (101 - 38), more hits (167 - 52), more blocked shots (109 - 35) and imo more upside.
      Points aren't everything. Don't overrate Wiz just because he had a random career year with 1 point more than Letang. He also plays on a much weaker team.
      And then, my 6th keeper would be Lucic. He gives you a good points, +/-, PIM combo.

      The rest of the forwards is either old (Briere, Smyth), injury prone (Spezza, Bergeron, Cammalleri) or overrated (Kovalchuk).

    • Staal, kane, Crosby, Kovalchuk
      do u need to take a def? if so Wisniewski or Suter
      Just for your info Crosby is a must keep...at worst trade him but value better to keep
      Id actually prolly consider keeping crawford over ward but its close

    • keep kovalchuk, kane, and maybe briere or lucic...

      i would try to trade crosby if i were you .. see if someone will give you a 1st rd pick for him; maybe even a 1st AND a 3rd...ssomething liek that..

    • i would keep crosby for sure, cant believe ur thinking about not keeping him, eric staal, patrick kane, and the last pick either kovalchuk or cammalleri

      of all the D, i would keep wisniewski, but if i were you, i wouldnt keep any D and hang on to both kovy and camms....then just pick up D in the draft..

      for goalies i'd keep crawford over cam ward...

    • also im being offered dan boyle heatley and couture for kane and kovalchuk, and the swap of the 3rd overall pick for the 8th overall


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