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  • Nick Nick Feb 27, 2011 11:32 PM Flag

    The Blues` ownership

    The Blues` ownership has really let the fans of the team and St. Louis down after this season in my opinion. We're made broken promises and this isn't the first time, its been 3 years in a row the Blues are suppose to be a playoff-caliber unit. Yet the result is the same, a solid start in the first half of the season, but after the All Star break a collapse in the second half of the season. As a fan base should we be really, really excited and jumping for joy for trading Johnson and McClement to Colorado for Stewart and Shattenkirk? BTW, I am not saying it was a poor trade, Stewart is just as good as any foward on the roster with the exception of Backes in my humble opinion. Backes is tied 25th in the NHL with 23 goals, both Backes and Steen tie for 48th overall in the league with 46 points. This is unacceptable as we knew this team needed a true power foward the entire off-season. Halak, Stewart, and Shattenkirk are good pick-ups, but please bring us a power F. I am not afraid to say it either, we have seen the likes of Kariya, Tkachuck, Turgeon, and Hull in this uniform before, the Blues won't reach the playoffs any time soon without an elite game-changer.

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    • you might be the only person i know that didnt like that trade from the blues point of view.

    • i actually think the blues are getting better...maybe i am on glue...

    • not sure why everyone got all worked up over Halak. he had half a good year and a great playoffs. IMO, that does not qualify him for squat. players need to play AT LEAST 1 FULL YEAR to be anything in my eyes. a full season through the ups and downs.

      i called it when halak got traded to STL. he was not going to be the "answer" habs kept the right goalie. halak will be even worse next year. i dont dislike him or the blues, but call it like i see it.

      kinda like huet, half a good year, now what? he is gone.
      niemi has turned it around a bit, but he is also looking human this year, even though he plays behind a decent team in SJ, much like he did in chi town.

      players must play a full year until they prove any worth to me. i follow this rule always and finish near or on top of all my leagues every year, not trying to be a dink, but i watch a lot of hockey and hold no biases toward teams or players so i like to think i can make accurate and unbiased decisions regarding players.

      i think john davidson has done a good job brining in some young talent in shattenkirk and stewart. future looks not too bad.

      good luck.

    • Isn't Stewart a power forward?

    • Your asking for a power F, what do you think they brought Stewart here for?

    • Dude, are you crying again on another board? I think one was enough.


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