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  • What do you guys think of this deal?

    Team 1. Stamkos, Ladd, Neuvirth
    Team 2. D. Sedin, Sharp, Varlamov

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    • Neuvirth and varlamov are 100% a WASH out. Can't predict who the caps will think is the number 1. It will probably change back and forth as always. If youre looking to improve goalies and youre willing to trade stamkos then go for a true starter. neuvirth has what 12 wins so far this year? hes proven he can be more valuable than a backup. If I were you I'd want more of a sure thing if I was losing stammer

    • I'd go for that. Sharpie is a beast

    • it depends on the categories and what youre not doing well in.

      stamkos is the 2nd best player! crosby is clearly the most valuable. end of story.

      varlamov will see the most playing time in washington without a doubt. it will not be 50/50.

      stamkos: great with goals, assists, decent +/-, sees alot of PP time, and shoots. great player.
      ladd: good on assists, weak on shooting, +/-, goals and PIM. dont like him
      nuevirth: will have half the starts here on out. period. decent backup.

      sedin: good with goals and assists, decent with +/- but weak on PIM and SOG.
      sharp: not as good as everyone thinks. good with goals and ok with assists. shoots ... ALOT. but his +/- blows and so does his PIM. decent on PPP but not great.
      varlamov: will have very solid numbers with the offense in front of him and will start most of the time.

      the 2nd team looks to be getting a good deal but the +/- will be weak. SOG will be pretty close as well as everything else. PPP might go to stamkos team though. im not sure if you're in a points league or h2h so its hard to say who clearly wins.

    • Sedin and Sharp's combined points will be more than Stamkos and Ladd's combined points.

    • Varlamov > Neuvirth IMO.
      Sharp is Chicago's best player right now but I think he'll cool down.
      Same with Ladd.
      So that leaves Stamkos > D. Sedin but D. Sedin is also a key player on one of the best teams in the NHL.

      I would say do the trade.

    • I would do the trade if i was team 1. Sure you lose stamkos, who's a superstar. But sedin and sharp should be able make up the numbers that a stamkos and ladd would produce. The goalie is a wash, doesn't really play in the effect of this deal, they both split time.

    • varls and neuvirth split time .... so its a wash there ...
      sedin is NO stamkos
      Do not trade stamkos unless its for crosby or OV ... even then you should be a little hesitant

    • stamkos is the best player, therefore the team that keeps/gets him wins the trade


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