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    Keeper Help

    So during the later part of the year I ended up taking over the last place team in a keeper league. I know I need some work but I am looking for any advice or comments about who I should keep. We can keep either 6 or 7 keepers. My team is:

    C- O. Jokinen, E. Staal, Savard, Regin Lombardi, Gagner, Elias (LW), Briere (RW), Frolik (RW)

    LW- Elias (C), Penner, Hartnell, A. Kostitsyn, J. Jokinen,

    RW- Frolik (C), Briere (C), Stempniak, Holmstrom

    D- Chara, Markov, Robidas, McCabe

    G- Lehtonen, Ellis, Smith, Conklin

    There are some available FA's that I would consider picking up as keepers: Booth, Bouwemeester, and Arnott

    As you can see I have alot of work to do but I do have some upsides.

    I was thinking for my keepers: E. Staal, Chara, Markov, Lehtonen, Savard, J. Jokinen, then maybe Stempniak or Elias.

    Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.

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    • Easy, although old top 5. Staal, Savard, Chara, Markov, Elias.

      The Stars are probably going to look a lot different in the near future so I don't like Lehtonen. Look for the Flyers to get a goalie in the offseason. That guy will get wins and better goal support than Dallas' guy. Guys likely to move are Huet, Turco, Carey Price/J. Halak, and Tim Thomas. See if any of them are available. Turco and Thomas are the likeliest to land a #1 job next season, but Price has the best future imho.

      I would normally say J. Jokinen, but you have guys that I consider set for breakout seasons. Gagner, Stempniak, and even Kostitsyn may end up being just as productive in the long run. Judgement call.

      For the final spot, I would check for the availablilty of Peter Mueller from Colorado. He was a top 5 pick in his draft year and had a very good first year in Phoenix. He was traded to a good young Colorado squad who is using him properly on the power play and top lines. He has fit in very well, and been one of, if not their best player since arriving from Phoenix. He is still only like 21-22 and could be a Jeff Carter type player next season.

      Good luck!


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