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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 1, 2010 3:32 AM Flag

    Canada is the Best......PERIOD

    and ur point being????i mean if a team wins the cup and wins the series 4-1 with their 4 wins all being in overtime and their 1 loss in a regulation time game......does that mean that the team that LOST the series is better than the team that won.........think b4 u write......o wait...my bad....forgot....usa....btw love watching those late night shows when they ask regular people on the street questions like who their president is or how many states they have....and they dont know.....its funny seeing how stupid americans r.....also have fun reading some of the posts......u can always tell which 1 was written by an american by the way that is has no point,and dosent make any sense.....

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    • Hooray for all the keyboard tough guys, the games are over, we lost. It was a fun game to watch.

      I see on some of these message boards, comments to the US like, "Build stronger buildings and towers". Yeah, the Americans are ALWAYS the ones with no class.

      Also, Canada won the game. Nothing can be said to take that away from them. Let them enjoy it, and if they're more excited about USA losing than Canada winning, that's their burden to bear and I pity them.

      It's a f**kin GAME, people. (Which 'WE' or 'YOU' didn't win or lose. The athletes on the ice did...nobody gets to become 'better' because someone from where they come from did something great.)

      These are supposed to be goodwill games. I'm ashamed to be an American if this is how we let ourselves get sucked into ridiculous pissing matches, just because an over-hyped fish face scored one goal.

      Wanna talk about disappointment? Where the hell did the Russians go? I expected much more from them.

      Usa, Canada, Russia, whatever. The games are over, perhaps we can get back to discussing Fantasy Hockey now.

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      • Pell, get sucked into LOL, you Americans start all this shit after your first win, and talk and talk and talk and talk, and now that you lose you get sucked into it? LOL shut the fuck up, and about the towers, they were built strong but when your government rigs it with explosives it's hard for them to stay up

    • ya clearly this guys doesn't know what he's talking about, but no need to make fun of americans in general cuz obviously not all of them are as stupid as this guy or the ones you see on tv lol.


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