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    Dropping Thomas?

    A guy in my H2H league dropped Tim Thomas, but I don't really see it as a dumb move from him cause he has Luongo, Backstrom, and Theodore... Thomas has 0 wins in the last month, and now he has more losses than wins. Rask is getting more starts then him recently, so do you think it would be worthy to drop him?

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    • You are all retarded take a look at Tim Thomas save pct. and goals against yeah his win/loss record on a team decimated with injuries and losing some of their best players if the Bruins could put the puck in the net he would be close to the totals he had last year oh yea can you say vezina trophy if he gets traded to Chicago can you also say stanley cup his wins/ loss will greatly improve as his save pct and goals against no doubt show that he is a really good goalie if he gets dropped in my league i will be sure to pick him up real quick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • And i did and then i dropped him if hes not going to start hes worthless

      • Hey Bozo i am back and are you gonna tell me that his numbers are bad at all i stand behind what i said and if you knew anything about hockey you would understand what im talking about the Ruins are dead last in goal scoring so if they score more goals see if you can follow me on this try to read it slow so you can understand if they score more Thomas win lose record is way better than it is now and we are not even having this conversation as far as your comment to me well I came in first in one of my leagues still in the playoffs by the way and second in my other on still in the playoffs in that one also how are your teams doing and as far as your bandwagon comment i support my team (the Bruins) in both good times and bad if you read the other posts on your idiotic message board you will see im not the only one who feels like this have a nice day Douche Bag

      • hey mark did you pick him up yet?!?!? LOL

    • rumor mill is suggesting now that CHI has cleared some cap space ny moving barker they may be in the market for a goalie and i have read thomas' name a few times....... its a long shot but it could happen

    • Get thomas. He's gonna be traded after the freeze. Caps are interested, as are the Flyers in picking up a bonafied goalie.


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