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  • Walker Walker Feb 4, 2010 4:45 PM Flag

    -My kovalchuk theory-

    It is my belief that waddell and kovy are in cahouts. here me out, kovy wants a strong team and he loves atlanta. So Waddell makes him a huge offer to show other teams that he thinks kovy is worth it, kovy rejects saying he wants a longer term and him and waddell cant reach a deal. A playoff contender SELLS THE FARM to get kovy and take a run at a cup. After atlanta gets a number of key players plus prospects plus picks, kovy goes back and signs for less money and longer term in ATL and they are all of a sudden a POWER HOUSE..................this has been the plan since the start of the season, boost his value, show other teams your willing to pay, SELL HIGH, resign in the summer to a smaller contract........ wait and see

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    • perhaps, i thought this once...its very possible

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      • the original thread on this was posted BEFORE the trade to NJ happened so i wasnt saying that NJ sold the farm (or their farm team) to aquire kovy as a rental, i did say that a team would pay a high price for kovy (and since waddell still holds his negotiating rights) it would be concievable that at seasons end he would table another offer to bring kovy back whilst improving his team overall................

    • you are all fuckin idiots...
      first of all the devs didnt sell their farm team
      they game away a top overpaid dman a solid rookie was was playing with parise and zajac and then started to suck and cormier a good checking line center
      -My kovalchuk theory- devs win cup

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      • While I won't argue that this makes the Devils a better team than they were, unless you gave up your top player to get him... any team adding Kovalchuk makes them better. That being said, will the Devils be able to keep up with the likes of the Caps and Pens? It certainly makes them a bigger factor and tougher opponent. I still believe the Caps will fall off unless Theodore is re-emerging as a top netminder. If so then look out for the three-headed monster the Eastern playoffs will be. Assuming Theodore becomes what he once was... You'd have three top goalies... with Brodeur and Fleury adding in. You'd have so many of the top skaters in the league it'd be insane. Crosby, Malking, Ovechkin, Semin Parise, and Kovalchuk. I honestly believe that this move makes the Eastern playoffs the thing to be watching this spring.

        As we've all seen before, any team can do it. But rest assured the East will fall to one of these three. My pick? I stick to the Pens, no reason to pick against the two-time defending champs of the East. I think the Devils will still be the third favorite even with this move. The Pens and Caps will be the two favorites... The Devils, while they have their lion's share of talent... The smart money goes to Crosby or Ovechkin. Just because they are Crosby and Ovechkin. I give the edge to the Pens because of Malkin. Makes a whole second line better... Kovalchuk and Parise will play together as will Ovechkin and Semin...

      • I agree with most of your response. NJ did not sell the farm on Kovy. They gave a solid d-man, a decent rookie and a checking line center prospect plus their 1st pick. Also, both teams swapped 2nd picks. So the way NJ is going to end up, their 1st pick will be in the 20's and by swapping 2nd round picks, that really only costs them about 10 spots or so in the draft. I bet NJ will look for a decent d-man yet and will be set for the playoffs. Kovy wants to win. Atlanta is not the place to do it in so he will not be back there again. Saying that, with the amount of money he wants no contention team can afford him in the off-season so it will be back to a semi-okay hockey club.

      • just because the devils pick up Kovalchuk, doesnt mean the other teams that are dominating are gonna stop playin...take a deep breath, and think about it before freaking out.

    • where are you guys hearing this stuff...im intrigued now...COME BACK AND TALK TO ME!!!!!

    • "here me out".

      You mean "Hear me out", right? As in "hear" like something that you heard. "Here" me out would mean something like "I am in this place right now" me out.

      The idea that Kovalchuk is going to resign in Atlanta almost as funny as the idea that he's going to sign a long-term deal to learn to play a 2-way game in New Jersey next year.

      NJ didn't really sell the farm. For a rental the price was really, really high- but the Devils lineup is inter-changable by design.

    • I always enjoy a good conspiracy theory, although, as a Colorado fan, I prefer my friends theory that brings Kovy to the Avs. See below.

      in an article by a source who breaks down the possibility of each team acquiring Kovy...

      Colorado a
      Contender? Possibly.
      Players for Now {to give atlanta to help them make the playoffs}? Svatos, Clark
      Prospects? Yes (the Avs have a ton! see current team of rookies!)
      Thoughts: It would be not unprecedented for the Avalanche to swoop in here and grab Kovalchuk. Fewer teams have been more sneaky, yet aggressive than the Avalanche. Think Ray Bourque and Theo Fleury. Both ended up in Colorado when the Avs were nowhere near the radar.
      What I have heard: They are quite possibly the mystery team...

    • I had the same theory once i read that Waddell is not letting teams talk to Kovy's agents to work on a long term deal...Which if a team could work out a long term deal, that would BOOST Kovy's value beyond that of just a rental player.


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