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  • SidsKids SidsKids Jan 9, 2010 1:39 PM Flag

    Where to go for goalies?

    Where is a good website to go to for starting goalies.

    I tried dailyfaceoff and it says it's account is expired and I can't get on to leftwinglock...any others?

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    • no worries, not your fault... its on going.

      "if its for free.... its for me"

      ; )

      go blue!

    • yes, i have noticed that most of your links come from twitter... and various blog sources lately...

      forgot to mention that.

    • he was promoting hotstove...

      i had no affiliation but i was supportive b/c i appreciated his efforts.

      I knew that a lot of people were upset that goaliepost started to charge a fee so I was helping to pass along the nhlhotstove as an option.

      i saw dolye as a young kid trying to launch a start up site. since ive been on here for 2 seasons I have a lot of buddies & figured i would help the kid out & pass the info along.

      unfortunately the lwl peeps saw his site as a threat & started the blackballing thing... to be honest I use to promote both sites in my posts... but when this crap started i no longer had support for lwl.

      most people on here reference more than one site for a stronger confirmation. i know i do. i look at hotstove & faceoff now. it use to be hotstove & lwl.

      : /

    • i'm definitely a promoter of LWL. but when i saw people getting upset about the posts, i stop posting links to their site as much. i try to only post them when people directly ask for confirmations.

      i agree that things should be kept honest. this stars thing is pretty lame. i don't even understand why yahoo has that feature.

      which site was does doyle have? dailyfaceoff or hotstove?

    • ive also said that i used leftwinglock in the past... probably up until a month ago when they blackballed doyle & myself...

      you were one of the lwl promoters that use to post under doyles posts...

      lwl has goalies as probable even AFTER the games are already played... ive seen nights where a lot of the goalies are left as probable on lwl... but on dailyfaceoff & hotstove they have confirmed guys. i consider that poor updating.

      & one of the last times i used lwl it was close to 7pm & it said it was last updated at 345pm. i dont consider that i good update.

      i know u are a lwl promoter & then lil kelly j will pop in for the 1000th time saying "im so happy i just discovered this site"

      so sad... doyle shouldve been able to promote his site & lwl should have been able to promote theirs without crossing paths.

      but the lwlers had to bash doyles site & now there's this big mess on here & its really pathetic.

      i have nothing against you, i will even give u a 5* rating if you post good advice.. I gave you 5 stars for responding to paul about where i found out thomas was starting b/c i forgot to include a link. I am honest & will keep things honest.

      Its just sad when i have to use my husbands name to give myself 5* rating so that people can get a chance to see my advice.

    • i never had the chance to check goalie post out. i guess $10 isn't too bad, but how do i know they are better than the free sites?

    • carolyn, i have to disagree with you. LWL does not stop updating. i've seen updates from them and comments from them right up until gametime often.

      and they don't change the goalies after gametime. that is just incorrect. no goalie sites do this that i know of.

      you should probably stop posting incorrect information about them when you've already admitted that you don't visit that site.

    • Pay the 10 Bucks for Goaliepost!

      Never down and very accurate.

    • and to add.... hotstove is more accurate b/c they confirm ALL the way until game time...

      I find that leftwing sometimes stops updating leaving a lot of goalies as probable & unconfirmed..
      + in the past leftwing lock has changed incorrect goalies to the correct ones after game time.

      hotstove crosses out so that you can see corrections.

    • I pay the 10 bucks for goaliepost, always accurate and really isn't that much all things considered.

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