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  • BV BV Dec 16, 2009 4:40 AM Flag

    Stupid "Missing Stats" Post

    Almost every night there's some freaking out asking "Why didn't my goalie get credited for his win/sho/GGA...ect" and it's driving me nuts how un-patient people are.

    I've had this happen to me at least 7 times now but I can assure you. Yahoo ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS accounts for their stats and your pools are also adjusted accordingly.

    It's usually fixed in the morning. the longest I've had a stat missing was 2 days, but I still got my point.

    Shit happens all the time so just calm down, go to sleep, and in the morning you'll have your freaken stat! so stop making these same post about "MISSING GOALIE STATS!!!!". It's always fixed so there's no need to worry. so just be patient and chill.

    Thank you! :)

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    • Y'know the only thing more irritating than those guys freakin out, is being probably about the 14th dude I've seen tellin these guys to stop freakin out.
      And almost repeating word for word identical comments.
      You too, need a life..

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      • all I'm doing is hoping people will see this so they don't have to post asking whats going on because I always feel obligated to tell them to be patient that they will get their stat or else more people post wondering whats going on.

        I'm just trying to help the people out to understand that it's not its not a huge mistake and it will be taken care of


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