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  • Alex Alex Dec 9, 2009 8:44 PM Flag

    Obvious Cheaters????

    This trade was just accepted in a league that I am the commish of. The 2 managers are buddies and made other trades this season that were quite fair but I think this is just the 2 teams now cheating and loading a team.

    Team A gets Marian Hossa, Evgeni Nabokov
    Team B gets Patrick Kane, Ray Emery

    Emery just went on IR and the team getting Emery would now only have Emery (IR),Vokoun, and Halek as his goalies.

    I set the league up as commish votes on trades but I also agreed to allow a 2 day wait so the rest of the league would see it and could post a message voting against any trade. this way people just can't veto for spite, they have to have a reason and speak up. I also agreed that if 4 speak up I would veto a deal. It takes 4 votes in a league vote setting anyways. So the only difference is people have to publicly post thier vote instead of just clicking and hiding behind the vote as in league vote.

    My main concern is that I already caught 2 teams earlier cheating and locked them out of any and all league activity. So they cannot vote against it, the 2 involved won't vote against it, and I also got 2 that are only active every week or so. They set their rosters about once a week or so and leave it so they may not see it in time.

    So If this doesn't get the 4 votes I agreed to allow them to have should I just veto anyways? This screams of obvious cheat to me. I know I made a deal, but I think this warrants breaking it.

    What do you think?

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    • thas a "weight in gold" trade.

      before his injury/reverting to form; emery was considered a top 6 goalie for at least two months. the only way, you can cry foul is if boucher takes over in philly. if that occurs-then its an egg.

      another way of looking at it is

      team a gets nabokov
      team b gets kane

      again@the future.

      as for this quorum matter. q? u are the commish? right?

      that quorum deal is a carrot for others. point is-when you made clear who can veto; that "carrot" isnt crap.


      so if you feel its necessary-use that stick.

      use it wisely.

      however when u decided to be the leader, u asked for the gray hair, not 4 other guys.

      good luck

    • Total cheat.. There is no way that that trade is even close to be being fair, even if Emery was 100% healthy. In my leagues that would be vetoed in about 5 mins. Hope it doesnt go thru for your sake because if I was a manager in your league and that went thru I would consider aborting my team. Just my thought


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