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  • Howard Howard Nov 30, 2009 1:36 AM Flag

    Loui Eriksson vs Tim Thomas

    Hi Paul,

    Pretty difficult to say, since I don't know how many BN slots you have, and what options of RW FA are out there, since you will need to pick up a RW if you trade for a G.

    From the looks of it, it seems like your league is pretty big, or else your G would look so thin, and others wouldn't trade you a starting G for a 2nd rank RW straight up.

    If you think you can get someone decent with Ward, then I would do this trade. Ward and Thomas are in similar situation and both are risky choices, with Thomas having a slight edge since Bruins' D > Canes' D. So make sure you try to sell Ward before you pull the trade.

    Better yet, counter a deal to swap G, and get a RW in return, probably the other guy will offer you someone significantly lower than Eriksson, but still you will have a safer trade than doing two separate trades.

    Last advice, if you are willing to part with Eriksson, try to pitch it to another player first, but I seriously doubt you will get any starter G higher than Thomas. Tell me more about what other FA Goalies are available if you need more help.



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    • Made the switch... hope I can trade off 1 or more of my Gs to pick up a nice RW! ;o) Maybe I should have just stuck with Eriksson, but with all the teams with no goaltending in my league, I just feel I can get better than Eriksson for Thomas if he stays healthy!

      Thanks everyone!



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