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  • tommy tommy Aug 27, 2009 10:09 AM Flag

    need help select Keeper!!!!

    We keep 10 players, we are 8 teams...the stats are G-P-PTS-+/-,PPP-PM...Who should i keep? I put * a side of the one i think...

    C- Ryan Geztlaf *
    C- Anze Kopitar *
    C- Derek Roy

    LW- Alex Semin *
    LW- Patrick Elias
    LW- Vaclav Prospal

    RW-Jarome Iginla *
    RW-Martin St-Louis *
    RW-Brad Boyes *
    RW-David Backes

    D-Nicklas Lidstrom
    D-Chris Pronger *
    D-Drew Doughty
    D-Sheldon Souray

    G-Henrik Lundqvist *
    G-Chris Huet
    G-Cam Ward

    Oh i forgot to say i dont have any 2nd and 3rd round pick...it cost a lot last year but i won the pot so...

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    • Getzlaf
      St. Louis
      i would drop kopitar because 2nd - 3rd tier centres are easy to pick up
      boyes is less well rounded then backes so i would drop him

    • I'd agree that keeping Pronger and Lidstrom will help you betther NOW, in a couple of years (especially since you don't have a 2nd or 3rd round this year), then I would consider going younger. UNLESS you plan on trying to winning it all this year, or maybe keep those older guys for trade bait at the deadline this year (try to get some picks back). Lots of options, think it through!

    • Looks good except I would keep Lidstrom instead of Kopitar. Center is a deep position so you'll still be able get someone just as good in the draft. And Lidstrom even though hes getting old he doesn't show any sign of letting up, I bet hes still good for 3 or 4 more years.

    • Easy one in my opinion..... Keepers:

      Getzlaf, Semin, Iginla, St. Louis, Lidstrom, Pronger, Souray, Lundqvist, Ward & Huet.

      Center is a deep position. There will be lots of options so why bother keeping mediocre scorers. Toughest spots to fill are the wings so keep as many allstars as possible.

      I would pick Souray over Boyes for 3 reasons... First he still scores 50-60 points per season (20+ in goals), will have a better +/- than Boyes and WAY more PIM & PPP's. Boyes is really just a 1 category kind of guy. Lidstrom is a definite keeper. He produces in every category. Especially +/- & PPP.

      By keeping all 3 goalies, you are guaranteed 3 - #1 starters and won't have to blow draft picks for another one. Huet is clear cut #1 this year for the Blackhawks as much as some people don't like him, he is a solid pick and is locked for a few years yet.

      I would immediately look to lock up another solid LW as your 1st pick then venture into centers...

    • Wow, this is tough.
      There's only one guy on that roster that I can truly say I wouldn't mind losing if I had a keeper team.
      I think I'd just totally retool the left wings.
      Keep Getzlaf, Kopitar, Iginla, Boyes, Lidstrom, Pronger, Lundqvist and Ward.

    • Lidstrom is a no -brainer even though he's getting old. He still ahd a great season last year. He will be great until he retires. Then I'd take Ward

    • Keep Roy instead of Pronger, and keep Ward and Doughty.

    • Your final list for players to keep:

      (This is easy as the ones that get the snub are tier 3 type players and don't warrant a draft pick)

      (I only went with one because the others are old, or in Souray's case, injury prone. Theres plenty of 40 point dmen in the league that you should have no problem getting some in the later rounds.)

      (you should keep three so you could substitute Roy for Huet if you want. It all depends on what you feel will be out there. Roy can be replaced as he plays center which we all know is a deep position)

      So a recap:

    • i agree with you on all things except i would keep ward over boyes

    • keep Getzlaf, Roy, Semin, Iginla, St-Louis, Boyes, Pronger, Doughty, Lundqvist, Ward.

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