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  • J.I. J.I. Jun 23, 2009 2:25 PM Flag

    20 Actual Team Dynasty League

    I am starting a Hockey Dynasty League. You will choose a pro hockey team and receive all the players on their roster. After that, you will choose which players on it that you wan to keep or release. Then there will be a 10 player minor league team. For the players on the 10 out of 30 teams chosen and players chosen to not be kept on original rosters, they will go in a draft or we will have bids on the players. This league will have contracts and salaries. The salaries will be determined by there o-rank and every team will be given a certain amount of cap space.
    The league will be ran through proboards.com on a website I will be setting up and the scoring(Head2Head) and Roster start/bench will be done through Yahoo!
    I would like for the Divisions to be East vs West...so 10 teams will be East and the other 10 will be West. I would like to get this league and all the managers set-up as quick as possible so we can do polls on the scoring and all of that as soon as we can.
    My email is ji23cavs@yahoo.com, so hit me up on there if you are interested.

    Oh Yeah..I AM THE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS!!! I live in Pittsburgh and am a die-hard Penguins fan. PS I hate all the people who jump on their bandwagon come playoffs.

    But the number 1 rule of this league is you MUST BE ACTIVE ALL SEASON!!! and if you arent you will get replaced. So that means trading/ adding,dropping players/ communicating/ and going on the league site and checking your e-mail atleast once a day.

    Any other questions? Just ask

    -Jay I

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    • i would like to join

    • i'd love to join, hit me up on


    • This league is a joke. Only trades going through that benefit the commish and some of his kronies. Don't waste your time.

    • i'm in but make me the wings

    • Do you doubt that Ammelie? are you in the league. Well we got 16/16 managers who are all active and communicate. None bitch or complain. And the waiting list ahas 20 people on it. And who names their kid Ammelie? By the way there has been 25 trades. Im sure that kind of league with 25 trades and all people who communicate is not going to work...yeah keep thinking that. Get a life everyone no one gives a damn what you have to say

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      • LOL this was funny as hell to read.

        Commish whatever the fuck your name is, instead of being a dick to everyone that replies on this message board why dont you actually be thankful that people somewhat, listen to what your saying.

        Have to say the majority of what you talk about makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever.

        It is a pretty cool idea to pick your favourite NHL team and run with it. I did a keeper league like that last year, but instead of first come first server the order was randomly selected and not with a damn ipod shuffle, hahaha.
        You have a lot to learn before you try creating your own league, I am only 17 and can tell you have no idea what you're doing.

        I suggest you play some private leagues and watch how a "real" commish operates a league and after about 5+ years of that, hopefully you will be ready to do it on your own.

        Anyways best of luck with this league.
        Although if what your write on here is any indication of what your personality is like, you're a fucking dumbass that is in way over his head and has no fucking clue what he is doing, and I think the very few people that are still in your league will realize this soon enough and peace on ya.

      • your still a lying rotten punk...

        at least have the decency to admit you used your damn iPod to determine your draft order...but since you're a rotten punk, you lie and deny it...so originally it was a 20 team league with 10 teams in each conference......now it's 16...lol...that's about how many managers left after your clownish tricks with the ipod....20 guys waiting...HAHAHA...yeah right...more like you're reducing the number of teams becuz so many left...

        Why don't you play it straight and submit your league to a random draft order to determine who gets what teams?...ho...but that's right...you don't want to give up 2 of the best players in the league...cuz you're too dumb to win with your managerial talents alone...lol

    • 1...yeah i waited after the draft and when i asked how you did it, you said iPOD...i suggested toolbox draft generator you refused Dofus..denial denial...

      3. 5 guys left...one of whom i know as i play with him in 2 other pools and he left for the same reason...namely your AMATEURISH ways...

      1A...No you'd never take Phoenix cuz they have a rotten team...but you took Pitts right off the bat....

    • THE LEAGUE RULES HAVE CHANGED EVERYONE so stop acting like you know what your talking about on these posts. The league is proably half of what I said

    • What a great fair commissioner, you get to pick your team first... just makes me want to join

    • Well being that I live in Pittsburgh and theyve been my favorite team I guess yeah it does figure I have Pittsburgh. I ahve recevied over 25 emails from ppl asking to be in. It says email me if you want in not message me on here. And no we have the league all setup and if you knew it was a dynasty league some young teams are btter to own. And the rules are setup a little different then posted on here. This was the first diea but we made a lot of changes throughout the league...

    • and figures you have pittsburg.

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