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  • J.I. J.I. Jun 23, 2009 2:25 PM Flag

    20 Actual Team Dynasty League

    I am starting a Hockey Dynasty League. You will choose a pro hockey team and receive all the players on their roster. After that, you will choose which players on it that you wan to keep or release. Then there will be a 10 player minor league team. For the players on the 10 out of 30 teams chosen and players chosen to not be kept on original rosters, they will go in a draft or we will have bids on the players. This league will have contracts and salaries. The salaries will be determined by there o-rank and every team will be given a certain amount of cap space.
    The league will be ran through proboards.com on a website I will be setting up and the scoring(Head2Head) and Roster start/bench will be done through Yahoo!
    I would like for the Divisions to be East vs West...so 10 teams will be East and the other 10 will be West. I would like to get this league and all the managers set-up as quick as possible so we can do polls on the scoring and all of that as soon as we can.
    My email is ji23cavs@yahoo.com, so hit me up on there if you are interested.

    Oh Yeah..I AM THE PITTSBURGH PENGUINS!!! I live in Pittsburgh and am a die-hard Penguins fan. PS I hate all the people who jump on their bandwagon come playoffs.

    But the number 1 rule of this league is you MUST BE ACTIVE ALL SEASON!!! and if you arent you will get replaced. So that means trading/ adding,dropping players/ communicating/ and going on the league site and checking your e-mail atleast once a day.

    Any other questions? Just ask

    -Jay I

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