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  • adam67ca adam67ca Jul 6, 2009 12:11 AM Flag

    20 Actual Team Dynasty League

    There goes that recess bell again................
    Come inside - pull off your mittens....
    Now it's time for your afternoon nappy........

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    • Yaa.. no offence commish but i doubt this league will ever work. Who cares if you get your favourite team? If my fav team was the Islanders, why the hell would I want to be them in a fantasy league? Sounds an awful lot like cold hard reality there!! You picking Pittsburgh off the bat just shows that the commish is a dictator in this league and once everyone figures it out, the ones getting screwed will leave. Who wouldn't want Crosby and Malkin on there team for the next twenty years?

      I would eat you alive in a fantasy hockey league. Your such an amateur its hilarious.

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      • Such an amateur...hmm how well do you know me exactly? Obviously not at all S L U T. I thought fantasy sports were for girls, unless you got a dick

      • no kidding...the kid is a liar...he specifically replied to my inquiry about how he did the draft order, he said he had used his iPOD shuffle by editing the song names with teams names instead, i told him it was unacceptable...i suggested the Toolbox draft generator he flatly refused...

        the kid is an amateur...his league is crap...the guy who will pick anywhere between the 12th and 20th team don't have a chance...he gets the top 2 players plus he gave himself the 4th pick with his now infamous method of using his iPOD to shuffle picks...LMAO...what a DOFUS


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