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  • Grubby Grubby Jul 4, 2009 6:16 PM Flag

    20 Actual Team Dynasty League

    Fear not....i pulled out becuz, 1. he took Pitts right off the bat without anyone having a say, no draft order for team selection and 2. the draft selection order was made...get this...using the iPOD shuffle....that no one could possibly verify as valid and fair. I proposed the toolbox random draft generator and he declined.....Incidently JJ Walker here got the 4th pick overall...

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    • Never decilned it you old man get a life. You were on my nuts the entire time in the league and I could say it is a nice day out then immediatley you would question why I would say that. No one in the league has a problem but you. We are all glad you are gone first off and it wasnt used with an iPod shuffle?
      The draft generator is being used for the minor league draft since I was never told of this thing until now...still makes no difference how I randomize it using a computer.
      Get this no one cares about what you have to say and no you didnt pull out because of that esp. not because I chose PIT
      This league is made for people to have their favorite teams...is PIT your favorite team I think not.\
      WTF is JJ Walker, 4th pick in a 16team league is not what Id prefer...8th is old man, 8th...maybe Id want 4th in a 8 or 10team league.

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      • you chose Pitts becuz they have the best 2 players in the league...would you have chosen Phoenix IF they would have been you favorite/hometown team? i think not....

        you refused to use the draft generator i suggested for the main draft..why is that? And keep you lies to yourself, when asked, you specifically said you used a iPOD shuffle to determine draft order...if it's not an AMATEURISH way to do things...
        at least 5 people cared since at least that much left....


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