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  • yzerman yzerman Apr 10, 2009 6:20 PM Flag

    I hate the Wings...

    Nice! Outsiders don't realize that the best team wins and not the best goalie.

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    • there's actually an article about this very topic in this week's Hockey News.
      it says
      "the only area of Detroit Red Wing's that has been routinely questioned is their goaltending."

      "Chris Osgood has been about as consistent as an 80-year-old on a strict meat-and-cheese diet; second, platoon partner Ty Conklin has amassed one game - actually, make that six whole minutes - of a career playoff experience with the edmonton oilers in 2006"

      GM Ken Holland says "What we've decided here is that we've put a lot of money in our defense, we've got one of the highest payrolls on our defense and we really like our top four"

      then there's some stuff about osgood's good goaltending last year paired with the defense... yada yada

      tried to find the story on their site but i couldn't.
      just thought it was ironic that i saw this post today & then came home to my hockey news with an article on the topic so i thought i'd share it.


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