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  • Anthony Anthony Mar 10, 2009 4:51 PM Flag

    Clowe or Parise...seems easy enough

    Clowe @ Min

    Parise @ Cgy

    Seems like a no brainer to start parise, however he doesn't have a good record this season vs cgy.. however clowe has a goal and assist in his last game there...

    both cgy and min have good goaltending though...


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    • Haha, the guy only asked who to start out of the two, and it turned into this... wow.

    • & i'm sorry that your so stuck on being an @-hole.

      so I guess we will just agree to disagree.

    • soooooooooooooo.....i guess Parise is playing tonite? everyone agrees on that at least... and that this thread was entertaining!

    • i'm sorry i'm not on your bullshit moralistic level with your little @'s, crying about people not being nice on the internet, if you don't like the way i respond that's your business, but your bullshit about being nice to people annoys me probably more than me being an asshole and telling it like it is annoys you, if you're so concerned about how people treat each other go join some peace group or something and deal with real problems instead of making your biggest issue a guy who is an asshole on the internet

    • Well, I'm glad that people are at least entertained! At least I know I'm not wasting my time for nothing!
      : P

      I don't call people names (until now at least)
      I just don't like when people come here for advice & get put down.
      There's no reason for it. I try to post where I can be helpful.

    • I did look at your "view messages" to see if you were a douche. But the dbeckes post I actually just remember taking place when it did. I do admit that I didn't realize that it was you until I viewed your messages & then I realized that I was dealing with the same person that was being such an @ss to dbecks.

      Secondly, it is my business because i posted something nice saying that the guy made an honest mistake. YOU are the one who replied to me saying that's not an honest mistake. If you dont know the schedule then you know absolutely nothing about hockey. Once again being the douche that you are.

      and... you wouldn't call anyone a loser... you just call them retarded. Or should I say you ask them if they're retarded. same difference.

      I'm not defending the fact that he was bragging. I'm defending the fact that there was no reason for you to be mean to him regardless.
      Him bragging or anyone else bragging isn't hurting you in any way so why do you have to go out of your way to hurt the other person?

      Explain how I'm contradicting myself? I'm still sticking to the same story. Don't post things that are condecsending.

      You even said it yourself "i want to call people out for making stupid moves and being a bit of an asshole when i do it?"
      Why do you HAVE to be an @-hole? Can't you just say that you don't agree with the move the person made & offer up some good advice on why you don't agree with the move? that's why people are here.... for advice.

      maybe you'll get it eventually.

    • ok i just spent about 10 minutes reading this post and its actually really funny

    • thanks jesus

    • Wow... this whole argument between you 2 is ridiculous.

      Yet, it is still somewhat entertaining.

      Just the fact that people can get into such a heated discussion about fantasy hockey, of all things..., based solely on what some other kid posted, what another person replied to blah blah blah etc etc.

      I only hope none of you call me a "loser" or "asshole," or whatever other creative words you can come up for people that care enough to actually respond to the things people say on here...

    • "after clicking on "view messages" under your name I see that you have a habit of being an @ss... so therefore this is all just a waste of my time... bottom line post something useful or don't post." ...this doesn't sound like you "read them when they were posted"

      and you say it's not any of my business if people want to "brag about their trade whether or not they're sure about the move they made", well then why is it any of your business if i want to call people out for making stupid moves and being a bit of an asshole when i do it? my original post had nothing to do with you... you say i shouldn't post anything unless i'm "going to offer them some sort of advice" yet you defend a guy for writing posts where they brag like an arrogant asshole; why are you defending him? contradiction after contradiction; who's judging who?

      and i would never call anyone a "loser" for not knowing about hockey

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