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  • Carolyn L Carolyn L Mar 15, 2009 1:27 AM Flag

    Clowe or Parise...seems easy enough

    I'm not just defending him I'm defending the fact that you said people dont know anything about hockey if they dont know scheduling. which is absurd...

    Some people do take into consideration how a player performed in a previous game. even if it is only one game.

    If i had a guy who faced a team once and was a minus 3 and didnt get a point I may consider benching him against that team if i had a position conflict. So i dont see why that would be ridiculous. It's called weighing your options & research.

    And asking me if i'm retarded was uncalled for the same way your original post which started this mess was uncalled for.

    people post for help. posting that a person must know absolutely nothing about hockey isn't helpful. why take the time to add your 2 cents by insulting the person? just don't post at all.

    If you have nothing nice or useful to say then dont bother.
    It's the kids/guys first year. it was an honest mistake.

    "good day"


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