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  • Robbie Robbie Dec 22, 2008 9:48 PM Flag

    Blockbuster Time Sensitive!!!

    Team A gets Spezza and Kovalchuk

    Team B gets Marleau and Setoguchi

    please let me know what you guys think...

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    • Its just like this, its not like writing articles or anything, its just talking about teams and players and issues. But if you dont want to thats okay!

    • Thanks for all the input and I am happy to see the stir this trade caused. FYI I went with Kovalchuk and Spezza. My reasoning was that Kovalchuk has four straight 40+ goal seasons and every year Atlanta sucked. Setoguchi is tough to let go but without Thornton we would not even dispute this trade and in my mind San jose can throw three other guys on his line in his spot and not see a drop in production.Marleau has only topped 80+ points once in his career while Spezza has ability to hit at least that if Ottawa turns around their locker room situation around in time.

    • I Agree with PUB

    • fair trade id say its close. Start of the season trade wouldn't of even made sense, but team a is struggling and team b is flourishing so i would have to go with team b winning this trade. But it could easily go either way. Only risk team b is taking is Setoguchi isn't proven player well the rest of the three are. But you got to take some risks if your going to win i guess.

    • Team B wins this, and jesse, I completely agree with you, you showed brad, what a nutcase he is LOL

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      • Setoguchi and Marleau, don't have straight up talent like Kovalchuk and Spezza, they're on the worst teams in the League, and still Kovalchuk almost has as much as Marleau, and Setoguchi. Marleau and Setoguchi have other players to supprt them, unlike Kovalchuk, Kovalchuk is better. WAY BETTER!!!!!!! lol Spezza is having a BIG slump but still I know has more talent for sure!!

    • thats a no brainer,take team A

    • Buddy.... Ive given you advice plenty of times, so im pretty sure i know more shit than you do. Who comes on here asking advice when they are smart enough to do it themselves. Unless your one of those jackasses that think they got a steal and want to show it off... although most of the time its something like Datsyuk for Marleau. Marleau's career was going downhill up until now, he had all of two good seasons in his entire career. Blake was all but retired and yes is a hall of famer but at his prime...., wow Boyle is one other player you can mention. Clowe, Pavelski, Setoguchi all just random guys that somehow produce though no one knows who the shit they are because they sprung outta nowhere and GUARANTEED they wont continue this joke of a season. Cheechoo is a one year wonder enough said about that... the playoffs tell all and that team is going to get beat down as they did last year and as they did a couple days back in Detroit. Joke. STFU. Check out last years stats, understand the chances of production versus luck of the draw players like Seto and Marleau. They were nobodies at the start of the season and will be nobodies by the end.

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      • In regards to this trade, you have to look at how the players are performing during the regular season right now when deciding if its fair or not. Marleau and Setoguchi are going to continue having the productive regular season in which they have been enjoying. Spezza and Kovalchuk will continue to have a sub par season. Both players have been in trade talks and Kovalchuk will most likely be the guy who gets traded because Atlanta is trying to rebuild and a new face like Gaborik would be a great way to start. Spezza most likely not go anywhere because Ottawa can't let a young star like that get away. Moral of the story is, Kovalchuk will most likely not jump to a new team and start scoring like he used to, it will probably be the opposite cause he will need time to adjust. Spezza will continue having a lousy year because of all the turmoil in Ottawa. Don't base you decision on popularity, base it off of performance and right now Marleau and Setoguchi are the better players. That may change once the post season starts because thats when San Jose will fall and fall hard as usual, however fantasy hockey operates during the regular season and San Jose is on pace to have one of the best regular seasons ever.

      • bahaha firstly im not a sharks fan im a hockey fan, secondly, you've given me adice plenty of times?!?!?!?! i challenge you to search through all my posts and find ONE time where i've asked anyone for advice on anything and you'll find that i NEVER have... marleau's career was not going downhill, last year he jsut had a terrible terrible year, this is what is known as a back bounce year. and if you dont know who clowe, pavelski and setoguchi are then you have never seen the sharks play because u are too busy watching the wings, pavelski and clowe were 2 of the better palyers for the sharks in the playoffs last year and pavelski is one of the smartest players int he league, and luck of the draw player? what the hell does that mean?? setoguchi was a first rounder that the sharks traded up to draft 8th overall, theres a reason i drafted clowe and pavelski in my leagues and the ONLY reason i didnt draft setoguchi was because i was unsure of what mcclellans lines would be and didnt want to draft setoguchi if he would be on the fourth line but the second i saw in the first game that he was a top 6 forward i immediately picked him up in 3 leagues, im sorry brad that you were not smart enough to pick him up and are clearly bitter about it... and i also bet that last year you would have said the exact same thing about someone like mike richards or jeff carter, you wouldve called them "random guys" who were "nobodies at the start of the seaosn and will be nobodies by the end"

        and you're going to base the sharks season on ONE bad game against the wings? they were exhausted after their road trip and about getting stoned by a couple of goalies and from having the best start to a season EVER for ANY team, not to mention that every team literally tries their hardest against the sharks now... playoffs say it all? well then i'll just have to wait until early june to bring this post up agina to make you look stupid

        and you are a red wings fan talking about springing out of nowhere? zetterberg, datsyuk, franzen are guys who sprung out of nowhere so i dont know why that would be an argument for you... setoguchi didnt spring out of nowhere, this is what is called his first full year in the league

    • Two capable of big numbers, and two players less capable though getting it done. The question is consistency... do you feel Kovalchuk (i wouldnt say hes doing bad as most seem to think)... will go to a contender and help your team out? do you think Spezza will play like he should and has in the past? will the sharks ever slow down? YES! the one answer we know is the cool down of the red hot sharks. We cant really expect a team to go an entire season at the pace they are with a bunch of no name players along with Thornton and Nabby. It just cant last, but since i cant tell the future i wont count it out and anything can happen.... just not LIKELY. I honestly think Kovalchuk wants out of Atlanta and isnt playing with any heart, though some may argue he never did.... he is as skilled as ovechkin but obviously the heart isnt there so a change in scenery and a drive for the cup could bring ilya back to his old form. So DO IT!

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      • i totally agree

      • brad taht was the dumbest post ive ever read, for one thing spezza is more likely to get traded this year than kovalchuk, the thrashers are going to do whatever they can to resign kovalchuk so if they trade him it wont be until next year when he becomes a UFA, and saying the sharks have a bunch of no name players?? are you out of your mind?? boyle?? (going to win the norris), blake (hall of famer), marleau?? setoguchi?? (maybe you've never heard of him because u obviously dont know anything about hockey but there is a reason the sharks traded up to draft him), rocket richard winner cheechoo?? milan michalek?? high draft pick from the best draft ever, joe pavelski? one of the smarter palyers in the game, roenick (hall of famer), etc

    • Team B wins by a mile. Kovalchuck is not going to produce like he usually does on the sub-par atlanta team and spezza just isn' t playing like he should be. Marleau is back to form and the skys the limit for setoguchi. He's amzing.

    • No way, Team B wins by far, Marleau has 37 points, and Setoguchi is right behind him. Spezza has like what, 22 maybe?

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