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  • A Yahoo! User Dec 26, 2008 1:15 AM Flag

    Blockbuster Time Sensitive!!!

    In regards to this trade, you have to look at how the players are performing during the regular season right now when deciding if its fair or not. Marleau and Setoguchi are going to continue having the productive regular season in which they have been enjoying. Spezza and Kovalchuk will continue to have a sub par season. Both players have been in trade talks and Kovalchuk will most likely be the guy who gets traded because Atlanta is trying to rebuild and a new face like Gaborik would be a great way to start. Spezza most likely not go anywhere because Ottawa can't let a young star like that get away. Moral of the story is, Kovalchuk will most likely not jump to a new team and start scoring like he used to, it will probably be the opposite cause he will need time to adjust. Spezza will continue having a lousy year because of all the turmoil in Ottawa. Don't base you decision on popularity, base it off of performance and right now Marleau and Setoguchi are the better players. That may change once the post season starts because thats when San Jose will fall and fall hard as usual, however fantasy hockey operates during the regular season and San Jose is on pace to have one of the best regular seasons ever.


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