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  • dude dude Nov 23, 2008 7:32 PM Flag

    Top 2 Centers to Start

    It's a points league, all stats count including faceoffs.

    I have Malkin, Spezza, H. Sedin, and Nicklas Backstrom.

    I started with Malkin and Spezza as my top 2, but Spezza isn't putting up the fantasy numbers he should be, and Malkin isn't really either because he gets no faceoff wins (I think he's been playing on the wing).

    Should I keep Malkin and Spezza as my two main guys? I gotta be careful cycling in my other centers because of the Maximum Games limit, but Sedin has put up the most fantasy points of the 4, and Backstrom is heating up on the Ovechkin line.

    So my question is which 2 of my centers should I be giving the bulk of my games to?

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    • Either way you gotta give to get in the points.

      Malkin will score the most points and plays the wing alot.

      Spezza is usually a question mark on if hes going to explode in points or not, and he wins draws.

      Sedin is finally producing with Demitra joining his line and wins draws

      Backstrom has his good and bad games so never know when hes going to show up with AO, when they get going theres obvious potential for 3-4 points a game. But never know, plus he doesnt win draws as often.

      Overall Sedin will benefit you the most and depending on what you want you need the most, i would go with Malkin for points. Spezza for faceoffs and questionable points. And Backstrom for more draws than Malkin but less points, but better chance of getting points than Spezza. Question is, what do need most? considering its a points league than i would go for someone that gets consistent points like Malkin.

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      • Yeah, I figured I'd play Malkin consistently in one of the center spots. But it's tough deciding who I should give the other starting center spot to. They all have their good and bad nights, but none of them are putting up good numbers consistently. I guess Sedin has been the most consistent with the fantasy points he puts up, but he doesn't have as much potential for big nights as Spezza or Backstrom.

        Like I said, I can't keep cycling them because of the Max. Games limit so I'm trying to weigh out who I'd be best starting the most besides Malkin.

        When it comes down to it, will Spezza, H. Sedin, or Backstrom most likely have the best year?


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