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  • g g Oct 7, 2008 9:28 PM Flag

    trade help

    I give up Brian Campbell, I get Ryan Whitney and Timonen.
    What do you think?

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    • Should have keep Campbell !

    • I was saying if he needs two defensemen then yes take it. Obviously the last two jokers are trying to screw you and think Campbell is gold or something. Apparently mr.stats saying that Timonen will get 40 max is pretty good at guessing because its true he'll have between 40-50 points and what was the most campbell got in a year prior to last? i believe it was 48 and being on an offensively challenged Chicago team who has relied on Kane and Toews, two players who are in their sophomore year and we know what they say about those players? they choke and get a little less than their rookie year, they overachieve. They are talking like Toews and Kane are better than Richards, Gagne and Briere or something... not to mention the one genius says Whitney will be second 'fiddle' to Gonchar when he returns, no kidding pal..... we realize that, but as you can tell from Tomas Kaberles point production and being 'second fiddle to McCabe' he didnt do too bad himself the past three years of 50+ points. Like i said, Whitney will return sooner and be the guy on the point during those 2 months at least while Gonchar is still out. AND when he does return Whitney still plays the same amount of time and PP along side Gonchar which will actually better his situation, since being defense means theres two of them we know he isnt losing ice time.....


      Campbell will be feeding Toews and Kane all year. Whitney is out for months and Timo is same old Timo, 40 points max.

      You would be a fool to accept.

    • nope, nope, nope - even when Whitney comes back , he will play second fiddle to Gonchar ( when HE comes back ), but, Campbell will be the # 1 guy in Chicago for years to come. in a keeper League, I choose Campbell - remember that Pittsburgh has a TON of contract troubles coming way before Chicago does....

    • do it! whitney till december max. but he is recovering quick and expected back in a month. And timonen is no slouch himself as phillys top defensemen playing around 25 minutes a game. And plays both PP and PK so lots of icetime, and when whitney returns he will be the go to guy on the point since Gonchar is out and pittsburgh isnt expecting much production out of letang and goligoski quite yet so, you will the trade if you need two solid defensemen.

    • who would u drop

    • Blackhwaks are gonna be awesome this year. Keep Him!!

    • No i dont think you shoudl because Brian Campell is a really good defenseman