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  • This is my first year playing any fantasy sports ive done pretty well in basketball and baseball and good start to the season in football but hockey just seems to be different, my draft is tomorrow night and I need some ideas of who to draft and who i should be looking for.....couple questions besides players i should be looking at... do ppl draft someone with high PIM? is it smart to pick up a goalie in the first couple rounds? any advice on how to draft would be great... ive done some homework based on last years stats but are there up and coming players that i should be looking at? any advice would be great thanks guys

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    • Draft Eval:

      RiBiero: good pickup, quality center whos FINALLY hitting his stride, id say hes good for 80ish point this season, and will have a decent +/- as well.

      Arnott: as was said before, not the best bet fantasy wise. hes solid, but on a predators team that is seriously lacking in offensive supprt, he will be hard pressed to lead this team, and his +/- will be shot IMO

      Alex Ovechkin: 'nuff said, best pick you could make

      Brunette: hes solid, but whether or not he finds chemistry with gaborik like he did with askic will be a huge part fo how well he does this season. plus, minny is a defense first team, so its hard to tell how well he'll do. solid pickup though

      Gonchar: Top flight offensive d-man, will rack up the points for you. great pickup

      Chara: Your a boston fan, you what he can do :)

      Sutter and Blake: decent pickups, but neither are fantasy "studs" so to speak IMO def #3 and #4 defensman

      Cole: as was said earlier, hes inedmonton, which means his +/- will be a detriment, though he will get a crack at top line duty. another worry for cole is if he can stay healthy.

      Perry: anyone in the top 6 in anahei is sure to net you some points. perry isnt dominant, but hes good mid rounds pickup

      Kipper: Starting goalie for a much improved flames team, great pickup

      Backstrom: as long as he keeps up his solid play, he'll start on a defensive minded team (harding is waiting to steal his spot)

      as far as your bench players:

      i think you are seriously handicapping yourself by favoring boston players. bergeron is a low risk high reward pick, which is a steal if he performs at the level everyone knows he can;

      lucic wont be a fantasy lpayer IMO, you can def do better. fernandez is iffy. the starting role in boston is up in the air right now.

      koivu is a decent late round pickup, but i msure theres better out there on the waiver wire?FA list

      who are some of the players available as free agents?

    • wow you seem to know your hockey, this is my first year, thanks for the heads up.... do you think i should be ins ome trades right now? if so who are we talking about and who should i look at getting?

      about the bruins goalie, he was my last pick in the draft and I thought it was great for that high of a pick but yeah we will see about him, i am a bruins fan and that is why I got him haha

    • depans how much points u get for a golie no pick players for the first 2 rounds then a golie

    • It looks like you did decently. Only a couple things I would recommend watching closely:

      RW - Erik Cole is a great player, but he was just traded to Edmonton and the Oilers are in a building/transition phase, so there's really no telling how well he'll do there. Corey Perry is pretty solid, but the Ducks were very streaky last year and with the future of Selanne still uncertain, who knows if Perry will end up working with the guys that will keep his numbers up. You don't have a backup RW, so what I would recommend is sitting on them unless some attractive FA picks - especially ones with multi-position eligibility - start popping up.

      C - Jason Arnott - in my opinion - is a compulsive underachiever, and the Preds are a team in constant flux. If Steve Sullivan comes back from his injury/surgery and Alexander Radulov doesn't go to Russia (that one's going to court now) he'll probably be fine. Otherwise, there's a good chance that you'll be replacing him in the first couple weeks if your league isn't too deep.

      G - Manny Fernandez is incredibly temperamental and injury prone. If Tim Thomas hasn't already been snapped up in your league, keep a close eye on how Julien is playing his goalies. You may be better off with Thomas, or possibly ditching the Boston goalie situation entirely.

      Good luck.

    • what kind of moves should I amke? I feel like my goalies are pretty good and I feel like my 4 bench players could all be sleepers so i picked them up with low risk and high reward, i feel like i can get some PIM, and looks pretty good for goals and not bad for assist, +/- based on last year is the best in my league... seems good to me but like i said this is my first year and i am prob missing some things that I wouldnt think about

    • Not bad

    • Thanks for the help man

      who do you think are some sleepers this year?

    • check this.

      heres a link to the draft re-cap from a league im in in ESPN. just look over the patters and see if what i was trying to say makes sense


    • i also tend to sacrifice a middle round pick or two to grab some sleepers (to make sure i get that one player who is going to have a great year, but is tagged as a later round pick)

    • pick your goalie(s) earlier as there is only potentially 30 starting goalies for the entire league and maybe only a handful are elite. also you'll want players who do well in more than category, like Phaneuf who scores and gets a lot PIMs. Depending on how many teams are in your league and the number of players you each have to draft, try to get players not only with high PIMs but can score. I would only draft a goon in the later rounds.


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