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  • Umar H Umar H Mar 1, 2008 11:45 PM Flag

    Appealing rediculous vetoes

    I made a trade for Nik Backstrom for Kariya. However this trade was vetoed by the other owners in the league!!! I mean come on seriously, nobody has given me a legit reason for doing so, and I def suspect some collusion amongst some of the other owners.

    This is a league in which Crosby was swapped for Luonguo and Cheecho an Marleau were dealt for Jokininen and Naslund. And for some reason this deal the rest of the guys do not agree with??

    Is there a process that I can undertake to resolve some of the issues in our league?? Is there some type of Yahoo fantasy sports commish that I can ask to intervene in some way?? Please advise and assist me in resolving the issues that are plaguing an otherwise fine fantasy league.

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    • I traded Vrbata for Iginla and nobody vetoed.... I will win my league.

    • Glad to hear that.

      No personal offense to checkit.

      Punch, glad to be of entertainment service. The avatar is a band logo of the Jesus Lizard. I recommend them highly, the earlier stuff more than the later.

      Sorry for the further offtopic forking.

    • Punch, dfg, I have not invited him, and I don't plan on it now. I feel like his reasoning goes against what I plan for next year's league. A veto will be for collusion purposes only, not to prevent someone else to improve their team. Also, someone mentioned they explain why they veto on the league message board. Interesting idea, but not sure how that can be enforced since you don't know where the vetoes are coming from. However, I feel that those I invite play the game fairly. We can discuss this in future emails.

    • Hey dfg.

      Actually you MAY BE in the same league with checkit next season, as I believe B has invited him to be in the H2H you spearheaded.

      Hope you don't change your mind and pull out.

      pickleheadedmonster, WildDingo and myself will be in it as well.

      Sorry about forking this thread away from the original posting, but that sometimes happens and it's all good.

      In defence of checkit, he DID say he has YET to veto ANY deal for such reasons.

      At any rate, I'll be looking forward to competing against what I feel are the best of the best posters. Can you imagine how busy the League message board will be? Or will it? Hmmm...

      BTW that "goofy" avitar of yours always makes me laugh. Good stuff.

      "I just want to play fantasy hockey" (Still killin' me! LOL!)

    • ...you haven't been following this thread very well, dude.

    • checkit, ur the kind of person who should be banned in every league if that is the way that u play. if i were the commish in ur league i would lock ur movements so u cannot cheat. vetoing a trade because it will give the team below u an advantage of goalie stats is simply stupid. this time of year brings out the worst in people for fantasy hockey. the lower teams selling their stars for basically nothing and getting away with it because of people like checkit who would rather cheat than play a fair game. (AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION THERE ARE RULES ABOUT FAIR PLAY AND SPORTSMANSHIP IN THE FANTASY HOCKEY PAGE THAT YOU ARE VIOLATING) so all it would take is another player in your league to report you on it to get an action taken against you by an administrator

    • depends on your definition of competition/anti-competition.

    • Checkit and others can do what they wish. Alls I'm sayin is that if they're going to take that approach, I wouldn't want to play in the same league as them.

      I feel the veto should serve as an anti-cheating mechanism and not an anti-competition one.

    • In the league I'm in you have to verbally post a veto on the message board. This way, the league knows who is vetoing all the trades. They can't hide behind anonymity. It's pretty effective.

    • What Punch says here is is one of the most intelligent and insightful observations of an issue I have seen on these boards. Without picking sides, this is an excellent breakdown of the veto situation and the human nature that goes, or could go, into it.

      Also, in all fairness, checkit admits that he is just trying to win, and is well within the rules to do as he needs for the betterment of his team...in regards to his veto philosophy.

      Although I do believe most people might agree with dfg, Punch poses a good question: Do these dfg supporters actually vote "veto" anyways??

      Very interesting. Can somebody start a topic titled "What Things That, Although Within The Rules, Do You Feel Go Against The Spirit of Competition".

      ...streaming...strategic veto-ing...cellar dweller team sabotage... ...the IR sneak...going with less D...going with no goalies... any others??

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