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    Goalie Help

    I can only keep 2 for next year - please help?

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    • Huet is now a Washington Capital too . . don't know if that means Kolzig's job is in Jeopardy, but i wouldn't think so. Looks like Huet will be #2 there. Don't keep him then!

    • Wow. Tough call.

      The first two that jump out are Fleury & Emery.

      Fleury will potentially be the number 1 in Pittsburgh for years to come, if he can pick up his game and stay healthy. Emery is now number 1 in Ottawa - will it continue next year? Will he even BE in Ottawa next year? Who knows? He may move to a "lesser" team, but be the outright number 1 with none of this rotation nonsense.

      Harding is a solid young goalie, but I don't think Backstrom is going anywhere soon. I think eventually Harding would be great to have, but not for a few years (unless he's moved). Huet probably isn't a safe bet with Price waiting in the wings in Montreal. Price is supposed to be the saviour in Montreal and may get a shot to carry the load next year. Who knows what will happen to Huet. Gerber is all over the map (will he be #1, won't he? blah blah blah) and Lehtonen just isn't on a very good team.

      So perhaps Fleury & Emery are the way to go?

    • I would go with Fleury and Huet... Lehtonen is a good goalie but I think Atlanta sucks big time this year. Ottawa is a mess right now and I think they'll be working hard in the off season to aquire a decent goalie. Harding will always just be a back-up to Backstrom.

    • The #1 is easy - Lehtonen because not only is he talented, but also on a good defensive team. The other depends on what you can live with if wrong - Huet, Emery, and Harding are challenged by what may be better goalies (Price, Gerber, and Backstrom respectively), Gerber is on a terrible defensive team so may get wins but not GAA nor SV%, and Fluery is coming off an injury and would otherwise be the best of the available choices because Conklin has had a good year but is not likely to challenge him in the future and Pittsburgh is a good defensive team. If it was me, I would go with Fluery. Do not let him not playing recently taint your image of him and make the others look better than they really are.

    • imo gerber and fleury