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  • Jeff B Jeff B Jan 23, 2008 9:33 AM Flag

    Gotta lose someone

    I picked up Dan Boyle on the waiver wire a long time ago from someone who didn't have IR room. Now that he's about to play I have to drop somebody.

    I only play 2 D-men. So do I lose Mathieu Schneider (disappointing season so far) or Brian Campbell (great season so far)

    This is a partial keeper league (10 out of 20) and I will probably only hold 1 D for next season.

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    • If it's a keeper league, then keep the youngest of them :)

    • Why do you have to keep Boyle? You could always drop him instead of one of the other two guys.

      Who knows how well he'll play after such a long layoff and how easy it will be for him to produce after such a devastating injury. You might want to consider just giving up on Boyle all together?

      With Schneider, while he's having a disappointing year, at least Anaheim are playing well at the moment. And it's not like he's stinking it up. He does get the odd point here and there.

      Don't drop Campbell though, especially if it's a keeper league. He'll probably only get better in years to come (and he's young). He'd probably be worth keeping for next year.

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      • Good points, all.

        here's why:

        My league is daily play HTH and heavily weighted to the offense. I've found that most D (unless it's Lidstrom) just don't have their real-world value in our league.

        I'm leaning towards dropping Schneider since I don't feel the Ducks are using him as the scorer he should be, like when he was with the Wings.

        I think Boyle is ready to jump out and start taking the shots on goal that he's missed due to injury, especially to prove his value as a free agent for next season.

        I like what Campbell is doing this year, and will consider him for next season, but not at the expense of even a second tier forward.


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