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    IR question

    i have lost 2 starting players when i put them on IR . I put them on IR and then i go to add player and then it asks me to drop player. I thought you didnt have to drop player when you have someone on Ir and you have room for a player. can you please help me withthis problem. The commish of our pool does not share any info with anyone. he justs changes rules to suit his needs and some of his family friends in the pool and tells you if you don't like the rules then just quit.

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    • I would just quit. You will never win when they can change the rules has he sees fit.

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      • A lot of muddled advice so far.

        This is probably the most common problem of fantasy hockey.

        You CANNOT place anyone on IR on "Today's" roster(unless you have an open roster spot). Go to TOMORROW'S lineup on your team page. Place the IR guy in the IR slot, submit, then you will see the "you have one empty roster spot" message. Pick up a free agent. He will be available for tomorrows lineup. Obviously, you can only do this if you have an empty IR slot to begin with.

        Every time you add any player to your lineup, he will only be available for the next day (more for trade and waiver pickups). That is the reason for not being able to IR a guy for todays roster. You can change a player that is in your lineup from active to benched up to the last second before the start time, but your daily roster is set from day to day.

        You do have until 3 AM EST to set you daily roster.

    • Usually if you put someone on IR today then click on next days schedule you will see an empty spot you should be able to add them.

    • Make sure you SAVE your roster changes before trying to add another player. You MAY have to go ahead a day or two and make sure that your guys are on the IR for sure. Also, make sure it says "You currently have (1) open spot on your roster" or something along those lines (on your team page, in the team notes section, just below your team name) If it says that, then you know you are free to add mroe players.

    • May only have 1 IR spot availible then youwould have to decide which one to drop. If any.. I had Lupol and Someone else I dropped Lupol.


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