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    Whats wrong with my team

    After the draft we did i thought i had a great team and that i could win this pool. But i am only in 5th out of 10. Whats wrong with them. Should i hold on or should i make some trades. If u think i should make trades please suggest some.

    Forwards - D. Sedin, Thornton, Hossa, Cullen, Drury, Demitra, Smyth, Savard,
    Defense: Kaberle, Ranger, Souray, Jovanovski
    Goalies: Turco, Bryzgalov, Khabiboulin, Kolzig

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    • u should trade Demitra, Smyth

    • Dylan....check your Main page categories see where you rank with other teams above you so when you make the playoffs you will see what you need ...the goal is that you match up with the teams above you that you will meet in the playoffs. Top 6 usually make playoffs...Check categories on home page and see where you rank.. say you mak need a Sean Avery or Varos for PIM's or Brindamour for face-off wins... If I could see your league and rankings I could help better...Good Luck!!!!

    • Check your league settings to see where you are failing.

      Custom point leagues might be rewarding categories you are not even looking at.

      Custom Roto leagues might be rewarding anything,, if you don't balance your team in these leagues you'll never climb in the standings.

      Players are not relevant until the scoring of the league is clear.

    • since your unlucky to have demitra,smyth and drury....drury add to go cause am sure you dont wanna drop demitra and smyth.May I suggest colby armstrong,is been the key for my team this week(crosby,gonchar,whitney are in my team to) and another doing good in my team is meitinen,playing whit morrow and ribero and also aaron voros that can put some points and fight and the last player i took is filppula(detroi)

    • Personally, I would drop Kolzig and pick up Mike Smith if he is available.
      He's getting a decent number of starts in Dallas.

    • go defense bro

    • All these guys have good points, in my opinion I would drop one maybe even 2 goalies and pick up some skaters, making sure 1 is a defenseman. Reason being, you cant start 4 goalies, i'm not sure about ur league settings but i'm pretty sure the max to start is 2 so you've got 2 roster spots being taken up by guys that can't even get you points. Jovo isn't as offensive as he is usually projected to be so you need some support on the back end, while Souray has missed alot of time and probably cost you alot right there. Ranger is ok and Kaberle is your most consistent guy on D and you should hold on to him for sure. Once again like the previous posts, you dont really need to make any huge changes, maybe a role player who's good on the +/- or a regular PIM contributor. You can probably bring in some decent talent by trading one of your goalies if you dont want to go thru free agency. Drury is also underachieving for the most part but I have a gut feeling he will start getting better so unless u can make a deal for a bigtime marquee player and ship him off, maybe give him another chance. Either way you need to drop at least 1 goalie and get some consistent players, whether it be a role player or not. Maybe check out some of the good teams like Detroit, picking up someoen like Filppula or in Ottawa getting someone like Fisher or Vermette. These kind of guys won't always get you points but they will give you some options.
      Hope that helps

    • Just wait. They'll catch fire. It's a long season. Come playoffs, you should be rather competitive. Don't make any big moves. You have a solid core of starters. If anything, look for any diamonds in the rough that are coming off injuries such as a Scott Walker to play in backup roles.

    • Me personally i would go down to 3goalies and 3defensemen and grab more forwards through trades or free-agency. Cuz your forwards get you more points. Also look where you are losing alot of points and try to pick up more in that area!!! I have 4 fantasy teams and 3 of them are in the top 3 and the other 1 is like 5-6,but it is climing and thats how i have my teams set up.

    • Your players are okay, they're not the best around. Your forwards are decent. Thornton and Hossa are really the best. Thornton and Drury are both on low scoring teams this year. Your defensemen are depressing at best-you may be able to find one's with better numbers on the free agent list. Your goalies are okay; Bryzgalov has done great for Phoenix, but Kolzig is on a mediocre Washington team.
      My suggestions are
      -Your main problems are with defense. Evaluate your defensemen. You could probably find defensemen with better numbers in free agency. Make a couple pick-ups from free agency, dropping your two worst defensemen. Maybe drop Kolzig while you're at it. Otherwise, trade a forward for a decent defenseman.
      (This may not be expert advice, but I try.)

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