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    Join this fun bball game

    Online Basketball Game?
    Cyberdunk is a basketball game where you create a player and train him to be the best. Once you have created a player, you get drafted and thats when your career starts. You can train in the following stats: Floor shooting, insides hooting, 3pt shooting, dribbling, passing, stealing, rebounding,blocking,strength,speed,jumpi... nce, and stamina.

    You can also buy equipment to make your player better, Accesories, Under Clothing, and Shoes.

    YOu can go to another team, sign a contract with them, you can have Signing bonus, release penalties, bonuses (win bonus, international win, world record, most stat) included in the contract.

    If you think that your salary isnt gonna be good enough, you can bet on league games. You dont bet real money you bet money that you make in the game.


    The Actual Site:


    Forum for the game (very helpful):


    Join, trust me its reallyfun


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