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  • Alex Y Alex Y Nov 6, 2007 10:26 PM Flag

    Pick 3 out of 4 C's for tomorrow

    I need to start 3 of the 4 Centers.
    whaddya think?

    Daniel Briere v. Pit
    Mike Ribeiro v. SJ
    Joe Thornton v. Dal
    Mike Richards v. Pit


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    • i disagree with BOTH of these guys that have commented.

      ribeiro is on a TEAR this year putting up points everywhere and doesnt look like he'll stop.

      thornton is joe, you cannot bench him.

      i dont' know if you've heard, but BRIERE has been DEMOTED to second line. richards has moved to the first line with his wings as knuble and gagne. start richards.

      for the sake of diversity, bench briere tonight.

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      • And the winner was...

        Richards and Briere with 1pt each. Big whoop.

        Thornton's Sharks are playing to fire their coach. Got squat.

        Ribiero had the worst stats considering his team won. Also squat.

        But yeah, Ribiero was on IR to begin the season and has a whopping 16pts in 12 games. So he's no slouch.

    • Well my opinion would be taking out Mike Richards. You have Daniel Briere and Mike Richards both play for Philadelphia going against the Penguins. Now don't get me wrong, Mike Richards is having a good season so far, but I think your fantasy score could have a better chance of being higher if you only have one center in from Philadelphia and put in another center (Mike Riberio) who plays for a different team. Now if Mike Richards and Daniel Briere happened to play on the same line, then I'd say take out Mike Ribeiro. But that's just my opinion.

    • take ribeiro out of there. cant you tell he doesnt belong?


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