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  • Mike Rossi Mike Rossi Oct 31, 2007 12:45 PM Flag

    2 of your own against each other

    don't you hate when 2 of your goalies are facing each other?
    turco vs. khabby
    who do you play

    what do you do? play both.?

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    • play both youll get win out of it

    • playing them against each other is fine if you can afford to take a loss in the stats just be aware that the losing goalie coudl let in 4+ goals.

      It only really works out if one team wins 1-0 in a shootout :-)

      better to try and pick the winner and start them only

    • I also hate when you have the same goalies in 3 other league and have to bench him in another league because one of your goalie is on fire.

    • i would say you should never play both goalies in a head-to-head game*.

      why? if you play both, one will win and one will lose. that's one win out of two starts (50%). essentially you are locking yourself into 50% win percentage on the two starts (at best). but, 50% is usually lower than your starting goalies overall win percentage (on average for the season, if you have decent goalies).

      so, i recommend this:

      1. if one goalie/team is particularly stronger than the other, then start the stronger goalie and sit the weaker goalie.

      2. if they are close in strength overall, sit both.*

      *if it is the 2nd half of the season and you are low on getting your max number of goalie games for the season, then you should obviously start both goalies.


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