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  • Mark Mark Aug 22, 2014 11:51 AM Flag

    player dropped

    I am the commish in my league and a manage claims that a player was dropped off his team by yahoo. The player is a keeper quality player and it is easily his best first baseman. It is out of character to drop him. Has anyone heard of yahoo dropping players randomly?

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    • I've not seen or heard of it from anyone. Obviously the guy made a mistake. Check the add/drop transaction list and if it says it was him that dropped the player then it was, not Yahoo. I'd make him suffer for screwing up and allow others to fight over the dropped player, all part of fantasy sports.

    • I've not seen it happen. More than likely a mistake on the guys part. We've had issues like it in various leagues but usually the person just admits it and most managers will allow him to pick up the player again (or in most cases, allow the commish to veto a trade they mistakenly accepted). I'd leave it up to the league to help you deflect any problems that come with you making a decision on your own.


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