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  • Steve Steve Jul 13, 2014 9:51 PM Flag

    Lebron, Please! Choose....Italy or Greece! Not Cleveland

    The unfortunate souls who call themselves Cleveland Fans are at the point of finding themselves alone in an apartment and looking out a window while standing on a chair with a bedsheets wrapped around their necks! They have been down this road before with Da Browns (1995), OMG & Lebron Before!? Oh yes The Lebron Special (His Choice!) proves that winning comes at any price, Plus in order to sell your soul to the Devil Cleveland will Cut their wrists for championship! 1964 is a LONG time ago, and they are getting tired about hearing that Jim Brown Had his Championship Ring Stolen recently!
    But Lebron Again?! Really? And If the Ravens Moved back to Cleveland, what would happen to the existing team. Better yet! What would happen if NO NBA Team too the proverbial Lebron Bite? Guess what Italy...Greece? You gots a Play-maker coming your way! You see it does not matter whether it is 10,000 or 10 million dollars a yr you earn. You STILL have to earn it Each year to pay for the lifestyle you have chosen. This is what gets hundreds of athletes in trouble....They don't plan for Not earning the huge amounts!
    Lebron still has to earn "X" amt of dollars to support his lifestyle. And if we all say No More! Then that leaves the Italians (Right Kobe?) and Da Greeks to that amount of money!
    But here we are In Cleveland, and It has been too long and so close for many a years. Do I think Cleveland will say yes...Of Course they will! Now if we can only get Tim Duncan to come also!


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