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  • Steve Steve Jul 13, 2014 9:17 PM Flag

    Lebron! Get a LIFE #$%$!

    When one man becomes (in his own Mind) Larger than Life, It is time for added value to begin by the owners! In Fact I call upon the Donald Sterling to issue a edict about the Pros and Cons of hiring a #$%$ like Lebron James. Though Sterling May be Crazy and Not the Most politically correct guy out there. He is NOT afraid to speak his mind, even though it was recorded by an Underhanded tow timing #$%$!. She should keep that Gardner's Mask on all the time, It serves mother nature well and doesn't pollute or scare endangered animals into extinction! Sterling is holding all the Legal Cards here! He is in an Excellent position to become EVEN more richer because the NBA is Operated by gangster mentality and has No Legal President to stand by! So What if he used a racially charged slur? Who validated that it was His voice? TMZ? #$%$ are they? Also these statements were obtained illegally and I am glad to report that Mizz Wonderface is going to court on that one! Sterling will eventually have his lawyers settle out of court (to sell the team) after which the NBA will have to acknowledged it violated Antitrust Laws and By denying Donald's Right to Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness! Gee IDK where I read those Words Before...Do You?

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