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  • Steve Steve Jul 13, 2014 8:52 PM Flag

    Da All Star Break (aka...how to loose in 14 Days)

    No! This isn't an Outpatient AA treatment Plan...
    and The Pet Team doesn't have your address....
    No it is the Brain Child of Yahoohilgans!
    Those makers of Fantasy Sailboat Racing and Curling! (Canadian Specials)
    So Da Yahoo's came up with a Brilliant (But Stupid) idea...
    Since there are Marginal Teams (Like Me) on the cut...
    This is what Le Bomb they dropped!

    From Mon Jul 14 to Thursday July 17th there is exhibition ball Only! NO BB!
    It starts on Friday the 18th and continues to Sunday 27th counting as One (Uno) (1) week!
    That Means I get to Play Ryota's Great Team for TEN (10, Diez) Dias-Days!
    OMG! It's bad enough to meet him Head On Twice!
    Remember, I got wiped out by Toyota's Team 3-7 for 7 days.
    Now he gets to sit back and take his time with me for three extra days!
    Thanks Yahooligans!

    Well at least I was fortunate to find someone (stupid) I mean I got a great trade in football.
    Colin Kapernick (aka...Pumpernickel) for Dezmond Bryant?!
    Gee let me think about THAT ONE FOR 2 SECONDS!

    On a more serious Note it appears as though Jeff's Bronx Bombers will secure 1st place!
    Currently (15th week) with seven weeks to go he is at 84-47 .632 and 5.5 games ahead of
    (ahem) Doug's Hump Day at 79-53! JEFF'S lead has been as much as 12 games so it is Possible
    (but Unlikely) that he will sustain a Philadelphia Phillie's Syndrome...
    Rounding out the remaining Playoff spots are...
    Dropping A Bombs (Mitch)
    Night Watch (Mo)
    Danger Zone (Derek)
    And of course 6th Place the LAST spot
    Flying Squirrels (Steve)
    1st and 2nd get auto byes the first week...
    With 3rd playing 6th and 4th playing 5th...
    Home field is yet to be determined

    And Then.....
    There is Ryota's Great Team Still Mathematically NOT
    Attempts to Interview Mr. Royota (Cousin of Toyota, YES! That Toyota!)
    Are in the working stages...
    We are still Trying to see who his League Picks are!
    Does he foresee a Fantasy Football Team...
    Yahoo Agents are combing the Network...
    Stay Tune!

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