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  • Steve Steve Jul 6, 2014 1:43 PM Flag

    Buggy rankings?

    I really think you have a bug in how you compute rankings. Here is another example. I am looking at
    SPs ranked over last 14 days. Find Nick Tepesch. He is ranked 8th, but it says he is averaging 4IP in
    that time. Looking at his player stats page, it looks like he has only appeared once in the last 2 weeks,
    and that was a 7.1 inning start. Something is wrong there for sure. I see stuff like this a lot. Pls investigate.

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    • Steve -- The rankings make no difference at all. Use your own knowledge instead of depending on Yahoo/

    • There really is nothing to investigate. There is a formula used for ranking players and appearances is not part of the formula, it is what the player did per inning if a pitcher and per at bat if a hitter.

      If a hitter to goes 3 for 4 with 2 homer and 5 rbis, he is going to rank very high for the week even though that's the only game they play.

      There are no bugs, just numbers based on production regardless of how many innings the player plays.

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      • But Tepesch only made 1 appearance in those 2 weeks (changed today because he also started today). He pitched 7.1 innings of good ball. Since it is by appearance, shouldnt his average for the 2 weeks have been 7.1 IP? He pitched once, thats how long he went so that should be the average. But instead it showed an average of 4 innings pitched. Like it was breaking that one game into 2 because it was over 2 weeks or something.
        The other possibility is that it was adding in Tepesch's new stats as he was pitching. So if he happened to have pitched 1 inning when I was looking it would average out to 8IP over 2 starts or 4IP. I would sort of think that is a bug too tho, because if they change the stats without recalculating the rankings thats misleading....


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