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  • Sah Sah Jun 10, 2014 1:51 PM Flag

    Vogelsong scoring from 6/9/14 game with Wash

    Prior to the 7th inning, Vogelsong gave up 4 earned runs. In the 7th, the first 2 batters reached base and Vogelsong was pulled. The first of the 2 batters scored and the second was thrown out at the plate via a fielder's choice. Vogelsong was charged with 2 earned runs for the inning even thought 2nd runner was an out at home.

    Should he have been charged with the 2nd run, giving him 6 earned runs for the game or should it have been 5 for the game? Something tells me the fact the runner was out on a FC made the scoring decision different.

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    • He was charged with six earned runs...

      Rule 10.16(g): When pitchers are changed during an inning, the official scorer shall not charge the relief pitcher with any run (earned or unearned) scored by a runner who was on base at the time such relief pitcher entered the game, nor for runs scored by any runner who reaches base on a fielder's choice that puts out a runner left on base by any preceding pitcher.
      (2) Peter is pitching. Abel reaches first base on a base on balls. Roger relieves Peter. Baker forces Abel at second bases. Charlie grounds out, advancing Baker to second base. Daniel singles, scoring Baker. Baker’s run is charged to Peter.


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