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  • j.d. j.d. May 24, 2014 9:27 PM Flag

    Trades to AL in NL only league?

    What happens if one of the players in my roster in an NL only league is traded to an AL team?

    I would assume he would no longer be eligible, but he's still listed on my roster, so I thought I would ask around before dropping.

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    • That is correct.

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      • And here's the confirmation -- Yahoo Help article SLN6912:

        How trades impact player availability in AL or NL only leagues

        This article describes what happens when a player in an American League only league is traded to a National League team, or vice versa.

        If a player in the National League is traded to the American League (or vice versa), the team that has the player in a league (using National League players only) will no longer accrue stats for that player. Stats for players who switch leagues will display until those players are removed from their teams. These stats will be removed during our nightly update and will not count for team scoring.

        If a player is removed from the team, that player will no longer be available to the league.

        Additionally, any player who is traded between leagues will be introduced to AL-only or NL-only leagues via waivers.

        Unfortunately, it is not possible to customize an AL or NL-only league to allow managers to continue earning stats if a player is traded out of the appropriate league.


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