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  • Xiggy Xiggy May 14, 2014 3:06 AM Flag

    Relief Pitching hurts ERA

    I've read over how ERA is judged in Fantasy Baseball so I understand how it works with Starting Pitchers, but why is it that letting in even a single earned run as a relief gets an instand 9 ERA. That means getting just one run earned can completely screw with your ERA. Twice I've had a pitcher go 0.00ERA only for it to get erased by one relief pitcher.

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    • It's 1 run allowed, Xiggy - ONE. That will have a negligible effect on your team's ERA, either on a weekly basis and certainly no significant effect in roto. A reliever giving up 1 run in 1 IP, a 9.00 ERA, does VASTLY less harm to your team than a SP'er giving up 6 ER in 7 IP, a 7.71 ERA, since the ER's from the starter have far more detrimental effect.

      Look at it this way ... would you rather have your SP'er go 7 IP and give up 6 ER for a 7.71 ERA and have your 3 RP'ers each go an IP with 0 ER allowed, for a combined 10 IP and 6 ER, for a 5.40 ERA? Or alternatively have your starter go 8 IP, give up 1 ER, and have each of your 3 relievers go 1 IP, give up 1 ER, for a combined 11 IP, 4 ER allowed, ERA of 3.27?

      In the first scenario, hey, your relievers had a combined 0.00 ERA and in the 2nd a 9.00 ERA ... yet you are MUCH better off in the 2nd scenario, no?

    • Because its an Earned Run Average. The key word is Average. Its the average amount of runs they let up over 9 innings. So if a relief pitcher pitches 1 inning and gives up 1 run that would work out to 9 runs over a 9 inning game. If you have 2 starting pitchers, pitch 7 innings each and then one relief pitcher pitch and only the relief pitcher gives up a run he has a 9 era for that game and your overall era would be 0.60, because thats one run for 15 innings...

    • In most cases relief pitching actually helps ERA because most relief pitchers don't get earned runs... the good ones anyway

    • If you understand how it works with starters... then you understand how it works with relief.
      It's the same equation. earned runs X 9 / innings pitched


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