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  • Leonardo Leonardo Apr 20, 2014 8:55 PM Flag


    I don't understand, are you all not evaluating your teams in approving your rosters? Doesn't seem like any owner is interested in trades.. come people this is supposed to be fun! ENGAGE

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    • So are you saying that without trades fantasy leagues aren't fun? I don't agree, read on for the reason.

      I have the max teams Yahoo allows for one username which is 8. All teams were drafted early February. I have made one trade in almost three months between all 8 leagues. That trade was initiated by the other manager, I gave Soriano for Gattis. Currently I am 23-1 in those 8 leagues after 3 weeks. I have made far more waiver wire moves than any other manager in every league and there are between 6-10 moves allowed per manager per week and I use all of them. I am having a blast and have made hundreds of waiver wire moves across all leagues but only ONE trade. Thus waiver wire moves are far more important than trades, via my evidence.

      Do you actually believe trading is the #$%$" in fantasy sports or is it about winning? To me winning is the #$%$" and nothing else, without exception. Sunday night when I know I'm going to win is a complete rush. Trading gives me pause, "did I do the best thing for my team", "will the other team accept it or think it is a joke", "will other teams approve it", "will there be an argument about it?" Most trades I've seen are someone trying to take advantage another team without regard to league integrity.


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