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  • BustemPosey BustemPosey Apr 18, 2014 1:35 PM Flag

    Still hyping Billy Hamilton, why?

    I still see articles on this site suggesting that Hamilton is going to suddenly find it. He couldn't hit triple a pitching or even make consistent enough contact and now he has proven he can't hit big league pitching. He has a 220 OBP through 50 at bats this year. That is ridiculously bad. Now, I love his speed and hope he makes it but I have seen enough to know that it probably won't happen this year.

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    • LOL, Hamilton goes 3-5 the day after you say he can't hit MLB pitching.

    • Can't really call a guy a bust when he's had less than 100 MLB at bats. First few weeks of the season is a small sample size. His BABIP is lower now than any point in his minor league career ... so that's part of the equation when you look at that OBP. The other portion is his walk rate is also the lower than any point in his minor league career. If he shows a little more patience at the plate and a few more of those balls in play squeeze past someone, you're looking at a dramatically better OBP. It 2012 between A+ and AA, he had 155 steals... he's had 5 steals (and 5 runs) in the 9 hits and 3 walks he's had this season... you boost that OBP a bit and you're looking at some insane numbers.

      Not every rookie is going to have an easy road and most rookies have slumps and periods where they're slow to make adjustments. That's part of having a rookie on your roster. If you're patient, there could be big rewards. You are right in the fact that there is a lot of hype and he's probably not going to live up to all the hype in his first full season, but he will help a fantasy team that got him for the right price and exercised some patience.

    • Quite frankly, he doesn't have to 'hit' to be successful. He needs to be more patient, see more pitches/pitchers and take more walks. He is also still learning how to bunt. He's still on the uphill slope of the learning curve. The first trip through the league will be a tough road for him...but as a Red's fan I like what I see from him. He is very driven to succeed. He's trying a little too hard right now. Once he calms down and has been around the league once or twice, he will be one of the most dangerous weapons in baseball. It's not 'hype'...it's a FACT. The old saying is true, speed never goes into a slump. Stick with the kid. The second half is where he will start to blossom. He's just so raw right now.


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