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  • cheeze cheeze Mar 30, 2014 2:35 PM Flag

    How do you report an abusive commissioner?

    I was in a league that had 40IP as a pre-draft setting. After the draft, the commissioner changed it to 30IP. When I posted on the board it shouldn't be changes post draft, he sent profane and lewd emails/posts to me, said it was going to be his way, and he kicked me out of the league. It was an 18 team league and I had a GREAT team as well.

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    • That's why i only play in Public leagues.

    • Same way you report abusive players/managers -- you don't. A guy joined my league pre-draft after a public ad for a manager that completely explained the league, then apparently didn't like his autodraft and quit. I should have known because he hadn't managed a team in a few years and even then only had two... Screws up my whole league now... Actually the guy had a good draft...Miggy, Encarcion, Votto, Felix...If I was a cheat I'd swap teams with him....

      People suck on both sides of the coin... Now I have to scramble for a manager...

    • They won't do anything about the innings changes or kicking you out of the league if it is a private league. They might do something about profane and lewd language if it appears physically dangerous. Before you report him, did you say anything back to him that was physically dangerous, if so then you might get yourself in trouble too? Commissioners do make mistakes and owners that join private leagues need to realize they must submit to the commissioners whims regardless of the impact on their teams. I am not trying to be smart but was that change so important to you that you were willing to lose your team all together?

    • even if you report it, yahoo does little about private leagues. in the terms of service it states you play at your own risk

    • No clue...welcome to the internet. Seems to be this century's version of the "telephone tough guy"...


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