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  • patrick patrick Mar 15, 2014 8:11 PM Flag

    Logging on to Mock Drafts

    Hi! Anyone else having issues logging on to mock drafts? I'm having great difficulty. When I test my system sometimes I can log on and other I can't. I've wen to help and tried the various suggestions. I've tried IE, Chrome and Foxfire. Nothing seem to work consistently. Help?


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    • I'm also having intermittent trouble with logging on to the mock drafts. I've followed their suggested cures with no success. I'm using Internet explorer the latest version 11. Can you log on to your fantasy team's draft lobby when it really matters even though mock draft log-on's have been hit or miss? I always get a confirmation my system is compatible with yahoo's draft but doesn't seem to mean anything. Yahoo's help response was worthless just a repeat of their on-line trouble-shooting guide. Comments?

    • Had problems with IE and Firefox during the basketball drafts. Switched to Chrome and after I disabled the pop up blocker then everything OK. Although, since then I have been able to use IE with no issues. My OS is Windows 7.

      What OS are you using, XP, 7, 8? Check your virus protection settings or the Firewall settings. Clean out your cookies and temporary web pages. Contact Yahoo help.


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