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    Newb needs advice

    This will be my first year playing FB and I need some very basic advice/info. First, I need to join a league. When can I join a free, public league on Yahoo? When is the draft, usually? Whats the one thing you wish you knew when you started? I cant seem to find this basic info on any of the FB sites at this time of the year. Any help/advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance.

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    • Here's a general draft strategy: Always draft the best available player. Try to avoid "runs on positions." Like when a bunch of ppl grab an SP back to back. Keep track of player injuries so you don't grab a guy that's out half a year. Don't draft a pitcher in Rnd 1. Starting pitchers can be picked from Rnd 3-4. Unless you have 1st pick, you'll probably want a power 1B or best available power guy. Top 3 are probably Cabrera, Davis, Jones. It's always nice to have a power C, 2B, or SS, but grab one over MORE power at another position. Only grab one if there isn't a better power option @ 1B, 3B, OF, UTL. I say "power" because HR guys = more Runs, often AVG. You want guys that help in 4-5 stats.

      While you need stolen bases (SBs), 3-stat base stealers that get you AVG, Runs, & SBs, can be a bit of dead weight, so grab them later. Also, try to get SBs from your weaker positions that won't give you power: like 2B & SS. This way, the positions will be useful. In weak positions like C, 2B, & SS, try to get guys that won't hurt your AVG, and/or can get steals.

      You need a minimum of 3 ace-type Starting pitchers to do well in pitching stats. These are guys that'll get you 200Ks or so, and ideally have low ERA/WHIP. You want 5-6 SPs, but don't freak out if you don't get more SPs after your 3 aces. You can pick up SPs that do well during the season off the wire. For closers, you need 3 to compete in SVs (saves). Don't grab closers too soon over a good position player or SP. Though a closer that gets 90-100K & low ERA/WHIP is nice because he = 1 Ace starter minus Wins.

    • Try some fantasy baseball books.
      Money Ball for Fantasy Baseball has a 2014 edition for download on kindle.

    • A few bits of advise on picking players.
      1. Your favorite player is not always a great fantasy value. Grit isn't a stat. (wish i knew this my 1st few years, should be obvious but you fall in love with players sometimes for intangibles)
      2. Don't load up too much on a single team. If half your team are Yankees day's off can be a #$%$, also if that team starts a long slump so does yours.
      3. Depth is great, if its at the right positions. Some positions are tougher than others to fill with quality. If your SS goes down, hes a lot tougher to replace than a 1B. use those bench spots to backup the guys that can't be gotten on the FA wire.
      4 Make sure you have some quality RP. A reliable set up man or closer will pitch at least 2 or 3 games a week. They'll have low ERA as well as K/9, not to mention they're the only source for saves. It's a often overlooked spot that can help balance some bad starts that are inevitable in the long season.
      5, Don't get sucked into trends in a draft. If every one is taking catchers in the 3rd round and you have your eye on a 3B go with your own strategy, Just make sure you have a strategy.

    • Yahoo baseball leagues usually start opening in mid February. you can pick between 3 different leagues with any # of different teams in each league.. there is head to head, where you play a different opponent each week and whoever has the most stats in each category receives a W, the less gets the L. then there is rotisserie, which takes all of the stats from the whole season and gives points to where you stand in each category. for example, if you had the most HR's in a 10 team league, you would get 10 points. the fewest HR's gets 1 point. add up all categories and the team with the most points comes in 1st and wins. then there are points leagues, where each category is given a point value and the team with the most points at the end of the year wins. you can choose to sign up and join a public league, which will manually add you to some random league which as the default statistics of R, HR, RBI, SV, AVG, W, K, SV, ERA, WHIP. for these public leagues you decide what day and time you would like to draft and it will automatically assign you to a league. or you can look through the custom leagues where the owners make up their own stats and roster sizes, and decide when their drafts will be. so figure out what day you want to draft and look for available leagues on those dates. a few words of advice.. note that each league has a different innings pitched minimum... ususally around 15-20 innings every week. if you dont hit that minimum you automatically lose all pitching categories. and make sure you build some depth on your team. injuries can kill your season. try and get as many quality players at as many positions as possible. go on google and check out some sites for fantasy advice.. there are a million. just learn about as many players as you can. learn which positions are deepest so you can wait for the later rounds to get a good player. the positions with the scarcest amount of top players may be the best to go for first. good luck!!

    • You also need to know that each week your pitchers have to play a set minimum # of innings, otherwise you lose all your pitching stats for that week, so make sure you keep a well stocked bullpen. Another good strategy is to always watch the free agent list. Sometimes real gems pop up there by accident, or someone doesn't like a certain player, so they drop them, even though they're a decent player.

    • Basics:
      1. There's head to head and there is roto
      2. Most free Yahoo leagues are daily roster moves that take effect the next day
      3. Most free leagues are 12 team leagues, but you can find anything from 6 to 24 teams
      4. As mentioned below, you can usually change your starting lineup until the game starts
      5. To play well it will take a lot of time, way more than football
      6. If you play in a free league some people won't ever be "seen" again after draft day and the majority will drop out before the season is over
      7. Drafts are either live or "auto"
      8. There are free public leagues and private leagues. The public leagues have a standard format, private leagues might have custom features like bigger rosters, more counting categories, limits to the number of roster moves allowed, etc etc etc

      Those are a few basics. Too basic?

    • You need to know that there are weekly lineups like there are in Football, but also daily lineups in which you can change your line up right up until the first pitch.

    • The league registration opens usually the week after the superbowl - ao early February. (Tuesdays,thursday -we will see - I'm also not long term veteran)
      The time of the draft can be set by the league commisioner - can be from early february to after the start of the season - always look for that in the description of the league.
      Sometimes you find offer to join an existing league. In the first year I would not do that but start in a non keeper league where you have a fresh slate.
      Important in my opinion is to look closely on what type of league (Rotisserie, Points, H2H) , and which categories they choose. In the beginning you might try a 5x5 basic league #$%$5 Pitching) stats instead some of the more advanced statistic categories. The more categories the more complex is your draft strategy.
      One more tip, if you join more then one league - make sure that the time of the draft does not overlap. Especially an auction draft can take several hours (with 20 people one I participated went 7h) . Make sure you have enough free time. When you let yahoo draft for you automatically you can end up with several player who are out with longterm injuries. That takes the fun out if it right away

      Hope this helps. .


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