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    Are closers necessary?

    I made an interesting discovery this year. Through injuries, bad karma, poor judgement, Acts of God, blah blah blah, I was in a situation with only one closer while already last in Saves. With nothing to lose, I dropped him. To my considerable surprise, my team improved immediately and substantially. Was this a fluke? The extra roster spots added significant flexibility and value. This got me thinking about next year. Is it worth using 2+ roster spots for basically one category? Does anybody have any experience with (or analysis of) intentionally going closer free for a year?

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    • It's very difficult to "punt" a category intentionally on draft day and finish in the money. The math says you'll need around 100 points to win a league, an average of 10 per category. If you take a "1" in saves you need to average 11 points in every other category. You draft closers in late rounds. Who will you draft instead of closers that will increase all your other categories? Not starters! Playing "extra" starters take innings from your "premium" starters, because of the IP limit. If you draft well, "extra" starters will decrease your stats in the 4 non-save pitching categories. So, can you draft position players in the later rounds that will significantly increase your hitting stats? Not reliably, IMO

    • i kinda punt the closer position on draft day (catchers also) and depend on the waiver wire to pick up closers early on and usually do ok....flexibility is sooo inportant, and the closer spot ties up two (or more) player positions....still even though it only really contributes to one category if possible you want to tie it up....closers are like rock stars....everyone loves one till the next guy comes along....they flame in and flame out so quickly....i prefer to take my chances on sleepers and other marginal type guys in the later rounds and when they pan out its great....when they don't there usually is today's new hot closer to pick up (i sometimes stream closers when it matters) anyway, ....

    • Absolutely. I win my leages all the time by stocking up on closers and streaming Sp's and P's. You get a low WHIP, low era, occasional wins and always get a 12 if you lead the league in saves. Every 1st place team I've had over the last 13 years I've lead the league in saves and whip. I always have 5 closers sometimes 6


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